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    John Andy Bonar
    John Andy Bonar:
    Head of Development
    Head of Development: Bonar, John Andy
    Industrial Services Manager: Gallagher, Padraig
    Enterprise Project Officer: Donaghey, Patsy
    Development Staff Officer: Dobson, Peter
    Development Assistant Staff Officer: McMorrow, Rory
    Clerical Officer Carlin, Berni

    The Head of Development is a member of the Executive Board and Executive Council and is responsible for the overall management of the Institute’s research, consultancy, training/developmental work and related services.  He is responsible for the external relations of the Institute in the context of its developmental role.

  • » Head of Development

    He oversees arrangements with other institutions inside or outside the State for the purpose of offering joint courses of study and of engaging jointly in programmes of research, consultancy and developmental work appropriate to the Institute.  He makes arrangements to exploit any research, consultancy or development work undertaken by the Institute, either separately or jointly including participation in limited liability companies.  He plays a leading role in promoting the Institute as an agent of development within its region and in the European Union and in promoting other international developmental Institute/industry projects.  He develops the framework whereby Institute facilities can be accessed by commercial entities, agencies and communities.

    The Head of Development is a member of the Regional Executive Committee of IBEC, Letterkenny Chamber of Commerce and Industry and various European groups.