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    Paul Hannigan
    Paul Hannigan
    President: Hannigan, Paul
    Management Support Officer:
    King, Sheila
    Personal Assistant: McNelis, Helen


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    The President is a member of Institutes of Technology Ireland, the Board of Directors of the CAO, the County Development Board, and the management committee of Líonra.

    The President is supported by a Management Support Officer and a Personal Assistant.  Ms Sheila King, Management Support Officer, is charged with supporting the implementation of decisions taken at both the Executive Council and Executive Board and reports to the President on this activity.  The creation of this role has allowed improved follow-up on decisions taken and better documentation of action and progress made.  Sheila reports to the President on this activity while also providing general support for new initiatives undertaken Institute wide.

    Ms Helen McNelis is employed as the President’s Personal Assistant and has responsibility for the orderly running of the President's Office including management of diary and administrative support to both the Executive Board and Executive Council.  The nature of the post requires a great deal of internal interaction with staff and with those visiting the Institute and in some instances may be the first point of contact for the Institute.