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    tourism_logo Head of School of Tourism: Dr Seán Duffy
    Head of Department of Gastronomy & Culinary Arts:
    Ciarán ó hAnnracháin
    Head of Department of Hospitality & Tourism:
    Ciarán ó hAnnracháin
    School Administrator: Pauline Gavigan
    Admin Assistant: Donna Mulligan
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    Welcome to the School of Tourism, based in LYIT’s Killybegs campus.  We offer a wide range of culinary, hospitality and tourism programmes at different study levels, which range from higher certificate to masters degree as well as continuous professional development courses for industry professionals.  Our degree programmes have a strong international focus combined with business, management and enterprise.  We have an excellent international reputation for supporting innovative and creative students with impressive facilities and talented, enthusiastic staff.

    All full-time programmes include a period of paid work placement, where learners can develop their practical and business skills in preparation for employment.  Browse our different departments to find the programme for you.

    The majority of our programmes are offered on a full- or part-time basis to give flexibility to our diverse range of students of all ages.  Some are available on an ‘earn and learn’ basis, where you can study while staying in full-time employment. 

    We have four main career options from which to choose; two in each department.

    Department of Hospitality and Tourism

    LYITKY (1)BA / BA Hons in Hospitality and Tourism (Common Entry) with specialisms in Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management, Hotel Front Office Management or Destination Tourism Marketing.

    ‌These programmes prepare students for administrative and management roles in the hospitality and tourism industry with practical specialisms in Hospitality Operations, Hotel Front Office or Tour Guiding and business specialisms in Accounting, Marketing, Digital Media and Strategic Planning, and Marketing or Human Resource Management.

    All students undertake a common Year 1 to explore all career options, and choose a specialism for years 2 & 3.

    LYITKY (2)Higher Certificate in Arts in Bar and Restaurant Supervision

    ‌This programme prepare students for operational and management roles in food and beverage operations in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, cruise ships and commercial catering combined with business specialisms in Accounting, Supervision and Business Planning.

    On successful completion of this programme, graduates can progress to year 3 of the BA in Hospitality and Tourism – Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management stream.

    Department of Gastronomy and Culinary Arts

    LYITKY (3)Higher Certificate in Arts in Culinary Arts and BA / BA (Hons) in Culinary Arts

    These programmes give a variety of entry levels into education and training for professional chefs.  Progression through our Level, 6, Level 7 and Level 8 is seamless irrespective of where you begin.

    LYITKY (4)

    BSc (Hons) in Culinary Science (Common Entry) with specialisms in Bakery & Confectionery Technology and Food Technology

    This four-year degree combines the artistic training of culinary arts with the scientific rigour of food science and technology to prepare individuals to work in food processing and food product development.

    Click on the links below for more detail on each department’s programmes.

  • » Department of Gastronomy & Culinary Arts

    QualificationProgramme TitleCAO CodeInternal CodeDurationIncoming Erasmus
    CAO Programmes
    Higher Certificate in Arts Culinary Arts  LY346 LY_GACRT_C 2 Years  No
    Bachelor of Arts Culinary Arts: 
    -Kitchen and Larder
    -Bakery and Pastry
     LY317 LY_GCART_D 3 Years  Yes
    Bachelor of Science Culinary Science:
    -Food Technology
    -Bakery and Confectionery Technology
     LY337   3 Years  Yes
    Direct Entry Add On Programmes
    Bachelor of Science (Honours) Culinary Arts and Food Technology    LY_GFOOD_B 1 Year add-on  No
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Culinary Arts    LY_GCART_B 1 Year add-on  No
    Industry-Based Training & Continuous Professional Development Programmes
    Advanced Certificate Professional Cookery - Traineeship   LY_GAPCK_F 2 Years  No
    Advanced Certificate Professional Cookery - Immersion   LY_GPOCK_F 9 Months  No
    Certificate Culinary Skills   LY_GCSKL_C  1Year  No
    Certificate Marine Tourism and Seafood Fundamentals     6 Months (1 semester – 13 weeks)  
    Bachelor of Arts Culinary Arts   LY_GCART_D 2 Years (Part-Time)  No
    Certificate Primary Food Hygiene     8 Hours  No
    Conversion Programmes
    Higher Diploma in Arts Food Product Development     1 Year  

  • » Department of Hospitality & Tourism

    QualificationTitleCAO CodeInternal CodeDurationIncoming Erasmus
    CAO Programmes
    Higher Certificate in Arts Bar and Restaurant Supervision  LY336 LY_TABRS_C 2 Years   No
    Bachelor of Arts Hospitality and Tourism:
    -Hotel, Restaurant & Resort Management
    -Front Office Management
    -Destination Marketing
     LY327 LY_THRRM_D 3 Years   Yes
    Direct Entry Add On Programmes
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Hotel, Restaurant and Resort Management   LY_THRRM_B 1 Year Add-on   No
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Destination Tourism with Marketing   LY_TMARK_B 1 Year Add-on  No
    Industry-based Training and Continuous Professional Development Programmes
    Certificate Hotel Accommodation Operations     1 Year (Part-time)  
    Certificate Food and Beverage Operations     1 Year   No
    Certificate Hotel Front Office¬†and Accommodation Operations   LY_THFAO_C 1 Year  
    Certificate (Minor Award) Regional and Local Guiding   LY_TMGUD_C 1 day per week September – May, 30 Weeks   No
    Certificate (Minor Award) Hotel Revenue and Digital Media Management   LY_TRDMM_C 1 Year (Part-time)   No
    Diploma Restaurant Operations Management   LY_TREST_D 9 Months (3 days a week in College –
    2 days a week in industry)
    Bachelor of Arts  Hospitality Management (Industry-based)     3 Years  
    Level 5 Major Award  Hospitality Operations     1 Year    No
    Conversion Programmes
    Higher Diploma Tourism Destination Marketing     1 Year  No


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