How to Accept an Offer

When are offers issued?

Offers for First Year

Offers for first year are issued, via the CAO, over a series of rounds, from July onward.  If offers made on any round are not taken up, further offers may issue on subsequent rounds.  The vast majority of first year offers are issued in August, on Round 1, after the Irish Leaving Certificate results become available.

2016 CAO Offer Schedule


Included in this round:

Offers issue on:

Acceptance must reach CAO by 5.15 p.m. on:


Mature applicants who come up in random selection

Overseas applicants who need to make travel/visa arrangements.

Tuesday 5th July

Wednesday 13th July


A limited FETAC quota applies for certain courses.  Offers for these quotas go out on round Zero.  (For all other courses offers based on FETAC go out on round 1.)  FETAC applicants who do not get quota places on Round A, may still get offers based on other results (if any) on round 1 or later.

Additional mature applicants – e.g. if places offered on round A  have not been accepted.

Wednesday 3rd August 

Thursday 11th August


Any applicants who meet the minimum entry requirement and who have sufficient points.  Including:

  • Applications based on Leaving Cert.
  • FETAC - non-quota places.
  • Mature applicants who did not come up on random selection but who have enough points.

Monday 22nd August 

From 6.00 am on CAO website   

Monday 29th August  


Any qualified applicant who has sufficient points for remaining places

Wednesday 31st August

Wednesday 7th September

3 and subsequent rounds

Any qualified applicant who has sufficient points for remaining places

Thursdays - Sept 3, 10, 17, 24 
Oct 1st

Wednesdays -Sept 9, 16, 23, 30 
Oct 7

From Thursday September 8th there will be a weekly offer and reply schedule.
Offers authorized before 11am on Thursday will have a reply date of the following Wednesday.  
Offers authorized after 11am on a Thursday will have a reply date of the following Wednesday week.  

Offers for Advanced Entry (year 2, 3, 4)

Adjudication of applications for years 2, 3, 4, etc. cannot take place until Higher Education exam results become available to us. First round offers are issued in July. If all first round offers are not taken up, there may be subsequent rounds of offers in August.

What must I do to Accept an Offer?

If you receive an offer, you will also receive instruction as to how to accept it and the deadline that applies.  You must follow these instructions carefully. If you fail to respond to an offer correctly or on time, the offer will lapse and the place may be offered to someone on the waiting list.  Holidays or absence from your normal postal address need not be an issue. You may view and accept a CAO offer on line at www.cao.ie.  Since meeting deadlines is crucial, any applicant who will not be at their normal mailing address and who is unsure of the availability of internet access should authorize someone to open their mail and respond on their behalf.  

What if I miss a Response Deadline?

If you do not respond formally accepting an  offer before the notified deadline the offer will lapse.  If you try to accept a CAO offer on line after the deadline has expired, you will be unable to do so.  If you mail your acceptance and it reaches CAO after the deadline, they will notify you that you have missed the deadline and refer you to the college.  Colleges are under no obligation to consider applicants whose response arrives after the deadline.  Usually there is a waiting list for each course and, when an acceptance does not arrive on time, the place may already have been offered to someone on that list.  In this case it will no longer be available to the original offeree. 

That being said, we may, at our own absolute discretion, accept late responses.  It may be easier to be flexible about late responses on rounds A and Zero.  From round 1 onward and particularly for certain high demand courses that have a very limited intake, (e.g. nursing, childcare, social studies, etc). it may not be possible to accommodate late responses.

Please contact Registry, (074) 918 6120 if you miss the deadline.  But be warned, missing an acceptance deadline may mean you miss out on a place in college.   

What if I want to Defer?

The main thing is to act quickly, as soon as you receive the offer.
You must apply in writing to Registry, e-mail or phone application are not accepted. Click here for information on deferral.

What happens if I get more than one offer or if accept a course but want to accept a  different course later on?

If, having accepted one offer, you subsequently receive an offer for another course (or college), you are free to accept the alternative offer or not.  Please note that you can only hold one valid acceptance at a time. So, if you accept a later offer, the original offer will lapse.  Once the original offer lapses, that place may then be offered to another candidate and in that case it would no longer be available to you should you wish to change your mind again.  So, think carefully before making a decision.

What should I do if I accept an offer and then change my mind?

If you change your mind because you have an alternative offer, see above.

If you do not have an alternative offer but simply find that are unable to attend college, you can apply to defer entering college until the next year.  Note that LYIT normally only grants deferrals on medical grounds or for similarly serious reasons.

If have simply changed your mind about going to college, for example if you have decided, instead, to repeat the Leaving Certificate, travel, or to take a job, then it would be helpful if you notified the college that you do not, after all, plan to attend.  This will enable the college to offer that place to someone else on the waiting list.  In any case, whether you notify the college or not, if you fail to register as instructed, you will be deemed to have lost interest and the place may be offered to someone else. 

Once I’ve submitted a Formal Acceptance, What next?

If you have applied for a student support grant, you should inform the grant authority which course you have accepted.  This will enable them to complete the processing of you grant application.  See the student finance website for more information.

You should also consider organizing your accommodation at this time.


You may not attend class until you have formally registered.
The main registration is scheduled to take place on  Wednesday 14th September.
There are alternative dates for those who get late offers or who are awaiting the results of repeat exams
More detailed information about registration is available here.

Induction & Orientation

Registration is immediately followed by induction and orientation on Sept 14 - 16.  It is very important to attend all induction and orientation events. You can find out more about induction via the registrration page
Teaching block 1 and begins on Monday September 19th.

Can I change course after I register?

Once you have actually registered for a particular first year programme it is not usually possible to change to another. To change to another first year programme after registration, you would be required to re-apply via the CAO.  If there were still Vacant Places available on the programme to which you wished to transfer and if you met the entry requirements it might be possible to make the switch in the current year.

However, normally such a change would almost certainly mean waiting until the following year. It safer to assume any such change will not be possible. Research your options thoroughly before making an application. Finalize your options by July 1st.

For advanced entry and add-on programmes (i.e. years 2 and subsequently), it may be possible to transfer to another programme post registration, depending on the degree of fit between your qualifications/education to date and the course in to which you hope to transfer. Each case is different and would have to be decided in conjunction with the Head of School. If the transfer were agreed, the Head of School would notify Registry and the student would have to present at Registry in order to formally de-register from the first programme and re-register for the alternative programme.

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