Assessment of Overseas Qualifications

Early Applications
Your application should be submitted as early as possible.
  • If applying for first year, both the CAO Application Form and the supporting documentation should be submitted to the CAO, preferably before February 1st.
  • If applying for any other stage, the Application Form and the supporting documentation should be submitted directly to LYIT, before April 1st.
Complete Applications
Your application should be as complete as possibleby the specified deadline. A complete application is one where
  • The Application Form has been completed properly with accurate information in all relevant categories
  • Supporting Documentation had been supplied.
    This includes notarized copies of and Educational Certificates in the original language.
    • The official name (original language) of the exam, the level of the exam, the subjects taken and the grades achieved should all be clearly visible on any copies supplied
    • Where these documents are not in English, notarized translations must also be provided.
    • It may not be possible to consider an application where:
      • The original language version of an exam transcript is not supplied
      • Translations of documents are not provided
      • Copies supplied are unclear, illegible, or show signs of alteration.
      •  If English is not your first language you will need to show a certificate in IELTS with a minimum score of 5.5 for undergraduate/postgraduate..
Delayed Additional Material
Occasionally, some of the necessary supporting documentation, e.g. final exam results, may not available by the application deadline.
In such cases the Application Form should still be submitted on time.
The supporting documents may then be forwarded at a later date, when they become available.
If you intend to forward additional information at a later date, it is very important to state this at the time of the initial application.
  • If applying via the CAO state it on page 4 of the CAO Application Form.
  • If applying directly to LYIT state it in a covering letter,
You should also specify what this additional material will consist of and the date by which you expect it to arrive.
When sending any additional material, to ensure that it is credited to your application, please remember to attach to it your Name, Date of Birth, and CAO number (where applicable).
Incomplete Applications
If you fail to provide both appropriate evidence of academic achievements and translations, your application cannot be processed.
How & When Applications are Assessed.
CAO International applications based on non-Irish exams will be assessed using joint IUA/IOTCEF guidelines where applicable.
Assessment begins once the CAO’s May 1st deadline has expired. In general it will be assumed that applications will be complete and that all relevant supporting transcripts etc. will have been supplied by that date.
Applicants submitting foreign exams as a basis for entry are requested to ensure that all results they wish to have taken into consideration have reached the CAO by May 1st.
In the event that additional results or further supporting documents are submitted to CAO after May 1st. applicant must notify LYIT directly that additional material has been submitted.
Failure to do so, may meant that late documentation is overlooked.
How Are Applicants Selected?
Applicant must, at least, meet the minimum standards specified. (In general candidates will need to have successfully completed a state exam at the end of upper secondary school and to have passed at least 5 subjects, including Mathematics and English. There may be additional requirements for some programmes. )
When there are more applicants who meet the minimum standards than there are places available, applicants are ranked on their educational results.
Those with the best grades will have the highest ranking and will receive offers before those with lower rankings.
We will proceed down through the ranking, in order of merit, until all places are filled.
When will I know if my application has been successful?
First year:
The vast majority of offers for first year are issued, via the CAO, in mid to late August, usually around August 20th.
In certain (very limited) circumstances, offers may issue at a slightly earlier date (July) to some foreign applicants.
This will only be possible if we are in a position to make an early decision, i.e.
  1. Where the application is not based on any exams the results of which are pending at the time of the application deadline.
  2. Where a fully complete application, and all the necessary supporting documentation, has reached the CAO by February 1st.
Advanced Entry:
The vast majority of offers for advanced entry are issued in July.
We aim to fill programmes from a single issue.
However some of those who receive offers from us may also receive competing offers.
If a programme is not filled from the first round of offers, we may make subsequent, later offers.
Most programmes begin early in September.
Very few, if any, offers issue after mid September.
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