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LYIT welcomes Non EU students to study with us and to become an integral part of our community. See our Non EU student stories below for more information on what life is really like for them to live and study with us.

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  • » Jamey’s blog January 2015 (new)

    Jamey Dublin 2015Hi folks! As many people think that accounting students study a lot and are always drowned in books and notes, that is a true statement to some extent, but I would like to conclude that we play hard and study hard! I am an avid traveler, and when I’m not busy with my homework and assignments I spend most of my free time going on day trips and hanging around with friends.

    Everyone wants more jam on their life sandwich to make it taste much better. Too much peanut butter is too tough to chew and you make a funny face trying to swallow it. However, studying in Ireland makes my college life even more wonderful. Geographically, Ireland is located near all the European countries. With the additional benefit of low cost air tickets from Ryanair, it gives me the opportunity to travel around frequently. Malaysia, where I am from, flying from there to any part of Europe will cost me at least 1000 euros and around 12 to 15 hours to take a flight to the Europe countries. Moreover, the flights and accommodations must be booked as early as possible in order to have the best deals. My student card is useful for some attractions because those places may offer a student price or discount.

    In the semester break traveled to Barcelona, Edinburgh and Belfast. Those places were just so nice to travel around! From my experience, taking tour bus is not really necessary. I prefer to visit most of the local attractions on foot to have more chance to explore more of the city. And book hostels that are near the city centre is really a good choice. That is because most of the attractions are located near the heart of the city. This saves lot of money on transport too!

    Beside from European travel options, Ireland offers many beautiful places such as Glenveagh National Park and Castle, Sliabh Liag Sea Cliffs, Killybegs Harbour, Cnoc Fola, and Mount Errigal. Grab a bargain on one of the Irish tour offices to have special offers for students. Last but not least, let the photo to say how wonderful my life is in Ireland.

    Studying abroad is worth it. Come experience once in your lifetime. I’m sure that you won’t feel regret at all.

    Hii Wee Ee Jamey’s Blog in Mandarin Jan 2015

    大家好!就像大家所说会计系的学生都一直读书和每天与书作业打交道.也许说对了一半, 可是我们爱读书也爱玩! 我是个爱到处玩的人,所以没功课写时我就会去些地方还有和朋友去逛逛街.

    在爱尔兰读书是件美好的事. 就地理上来说,爱尔兰是个靠近欧洲国家的地方.所以我去那些国家可以有便宜的机也让我可以到处玩. 马来西亚, 我的家乡, 如果我想去这些地方, 我需要花上大慨1000欧才能去到, 还要坐上12到15个小时才能来到这些地方。 我一定要借这次读书的机会去这些地方玩。这一切都好值得一去!可是在去之前机票与住宿都要事先就安排好了以拿到较值得又便宜的价钱。学生证也非常之好用的说, 因为会有特价与折扣。

    在这次的假期,我去了巴塞隆纳,爱丁堡与Belfast。这些地方实在太美丽,很值得一去!以我的经验, 不需要坐那些巴士带你去看城市, 我喜欢那种自己发掘自己步行的感觉, 去一些也许没被介绍到的地方。 这也可以省了巴士费。还有找酒店还要找那些靠近市区的地方, 一来可以省车费,二来又能去到名胜地。 一举两得!

    除了这些,爱尔兰也有很多的地方可以去,比如Glenveagh National Park and Castle, Sliabh Liag Sea Cliffs, Killybegs Harbour, Cnoc Fola, 还有Mount Errigal。不多说,让我的照片说说话吧!

  • » Hii Wee Ee (Jamey)

    Having Cake in GlenveaghHi, folks! My name is Hii Wee Ee and everyone called me Jamey. I am a 23 year – old girl that came from a small town in the state of Sarawak, Malaysia called Bintulu.  There are five family members including me and yet I’m the eldest among my sister and brother.

    I had been studied for about four years in a college at Malaysia that promoted to me about Letterkenny Institute of Technology from my tutor, CK and gave me a chance to further my studies at Ireland. And now I’m in the 3rd year of Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Accounting at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) having the final year of my degree studies. And my dream had come true.

    Study in Ireland brings lots of advantages to students as it is well recognized around the world and is the safest country in the world that parents won’t be worry about their children. However, Ireland has a good education system as compared to my own country. The lecturers at LYIT will help students in solving their difficulties of the homework and put lots of patience and effort to make the student to understand.  I feel more relaxing to study at Ireland compared to Malaysia because the teachers will put attention on the questions that faced by me such as I can’t get used of the English. Moreover, I can learn to speak English more fluently and improve my English language in this environment and know more friends from different countries to learn the different cultures. People here are friendly and very welcoming as they will take care of everyone.

    Besides that, LYIT is a small college that can interact and communicate with each other easily. There is lots of clubs and societies that students can participate to make the university life more exciting and wonderful. The location of LYIT is convenient for everyone that closes to the town and student accommodation. Students just walk for a short distance to find shops, cafes, restaurants, cinema, theatre that makes our life better.

    I’m now enjoying the cool and windy weather over here and I like this relaxing lifestyle. LYIT is really a good choice for students that want to concentrate their studies because it is a quiet and peaceful place that can study without lots of stress. In the other hand, students must experience once in their life to study abroad. You will get lots of knowledge about things that you never know and at the same time you still get the benefits of being a student to get discounts using your student card to play and shop.


    Hii Wee EE (Jamey) Case Study

    大家好, 我叫许维儿, 是个23岁来自马来西亚的女孩. 我家里有五位家庭成员。我在马来西亚拿了会计文凭。在一个偶遇下, 我的老师告诉我关于爱尔兰的升学计划。 这深深的吸引我这想出国读书的心。回家我就马上和爸妈讨论这件事。没想到我爸竟然同意了。 我的梦想实现了。 现在我在LETTERKENNY INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY就读商业学士荣誉会计系最后一年。

    在爱尔兰读书有很多好处, 这是因为它是被全世界公认最安全的国家。爸妈也不会太担心孩子的安危。除此之外,爱尔兰的教育体系较好,老师会很用心的把每个课教好。学生如果遇到问题,他们也会教的学生都明白。我的英文基础不够好,老师都尽量的放慢速度来教我,让我学习的较轻松,不会有太大的压力。我也能在这里学好我的英文,认识新朋友来自不同的国家,不同的文化。

    这学院是一个可以与他人轻松交流的小学院。它还有很多社团可以让学生自由参加,让学生的大学生活更精彩更有趣。学院的位子也很方便, 只须步行一小段就可去到餐厅,戏院,酒吧和购物中心。


  • » Education in Ireland Student Ambassador Chern Yin Ng (new)

    Ambassador Chern Yin Ng I have participated in the Education in Ireland Student Ambassador Programme. The aim is to promote higher level education in Ireland to the world. I travelled to Dublin to attend the training day. I met great friends during the event and I've learned a little bit about Irish dance too. Overall, it is a very fun and exciting day, where I enjoyed myself so much. 


    Blog #1 Choosing where to study abroad
    Blog #2(new) Things I like about Ireland

  • » Chern Yin Ng - Malaysia

    Group Sept 2014My name is Chern Yin Ng.   I am  from Kuala Lumpur, the capital and most populous city of Malaysia.

    I did my foundation in science in Tunku Abdul Rahman University in Malaysia, but later decided to switch to a course that is not related to the field of science. I am a first year student doing Bachelor of Business (Hons) in Accounting in Letterkenny Institute of Technology (Lyit). This is a 3 years course with a Level 8 qualification in the National Framework of Qualification.

    I choose Ireland as a destination for further studies because of the high quality of education, the friendliness of the people and the beautiful scenery.

    Lyit is located in Letterkenny, a small town where many shops and facilities are accessible and within walking distance. This place do not have many distractions, which is good for students to stay focus on the studies. The classes in Lyit are small, so students can get more attention from lecturers and it’s easier to make friends too. The college staff are being helpful, they are always ready to assist you when you seek them for help. My lecturers know their stuff, they put in effort to teach during lecture class and have a broad knowledge on the topic lectured. They are friendly and approachable which enables students to understand better.

    Studying in Lyit is fun as you get to improve your English and meet people from different countries. It is definitely a great experience as Lyit has a lot to offer!


    I am participating in the Education in Ireland Student Ambassador Programme. The aim is to promote higher level education in Ireland to the world. I travelled to Dublin to attend the training day. I met great friends during the event and I've learned a little bit about Irish dance too. Overall, it is a very fun and exciting day, where I enjoyed myself so much.

    我来自马来西亚的吉隆坡。我在拉曼大学上了一年的基础班后,决定到爱尔兰去留学。我会选择到这里是因为它高品质的教育,友善的爱尔兰人民还有美丽的风景。我现在就读于 Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT)。这学院位于爱尔兰北部,在  Co. Donegal,而Letterkenny 是它的一个城镇。因为Letterkenny是个小镇,所以商店都很集中,很多地方,例如超市只需步行10至15分钟便可抵达。此外,这学院采取小班制教学,所以教授都比较容易关注到学生的学习进展。这里的教师都很平易近人,让学生愿意去找他们聊天。虽然LYIT 不是很大,但设施都很齐全,该有的都有。LYIT是个不错的选择,希望你会享受在这里的大学生活

  • » Melissa: Life in Ireland (new)

    Melissa BarcelonaWow! I’ve already lived here for five months. I’m now fully adapted to life here. I can say life here and life in Malaysia's is exactly the opposite. Such as climate, food, campus life, etc.

    The 1st day we landed in Ireland the temperatures was between 15 ° to 17 °. It was really cold for me because in Malaysia the weather is between 30 ° to 35 ° and this temperature is the same every single day. At first, I was worried about myself, how could I survive in the winter. But fortunately in three months we had before the winter started my body adapted to the weather. So I didn’t have a hard time in the winter. Winter temperature is around 5 to -5, when snowing, it’s not feeling like cold but when the snow is melting it does.

    Yay! I saw the 1st snow in my life. It was so beautiful outside. In this winter season I had spent a good time with my friends and I’m finding out that the Christmas markets help to add warmness in the winter. I’m hoping I can visit all the Christmas markets allocated at every European country. Christmas markets operates only for a period of three weeks or a month before Christmas.

    When talking about food, I have my bread with my meals every day and night, although rice is the main food for every meal in Malaysia. After these 5 months I’ve become used to eat bread, sandwiches, pizza, spaghetti, fish and chips nowadays. When dining at a restaurant we will decide to order one meal and sharing it because the food serving portion is two times of Malaysia. If we order two portions we couldn’t finish it.

    For campus life, the atmosphere here is very relaxing. Without the comparison of results between students, your success all depends on what result you want to get. Lecturer and classmates are very helpful when I don’t understand or get confused about something. As long as you ask, there is sure to be somebody to help you out. 

    After the 1st semester exam, I have spend a relaxing holiday in Edinburgh and Barcelona with my friends. In this holiday season there was laughter, bad experience, memorable memories and etc. However, I’m feeling grateful to have safe footsteps to return to this small town. Now I’m beginning lyit’s second semester and enter the 3rd week of classes.



    初初来这里时温度在15°-17°之间相等于是马来西亚的一半(30°-35°)对于我来说15°-17°已经很冷了,自己也很怀疑能不能在冬天存活。庆幸有三个月时间来给身体适应这里的天气,好让我在这个冬天过的没那么幸苦。冬天温度在于5° 至零下,下雪不冷但是融雪时非常冷。





  • » Hung Hui Chin (Melissa)

    Melissa and Jamie sight seeing DonegalI’m hung hui, 23rd years old. I come from Sabah, Malaysia. Well, I’m the eldest daughter of my family. I live with my parents and two siblings. Previously I was studying at Tunku Abdul Rahman College University (TARUC) located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I’ve been there for a few years to complete a Diploma of Business Studies in Accounting. Afterward, I had chosen Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT) to do the last year of Bachelor of Business (Hons) in an Accounting 3rd year.

    Ireland is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Letterkenny is a small town, but everything you need is available in the town. The town is clean and the air is fresh. People are so polite and friendly. I literally like this place and I’m quite enjoying my life here. It’s a good experience for me to expand my view of the world before I’m stepping into the work field.

    I would like to recommend LYIT to all of you because LYIT’s lecturers are  professional. The learning atmosphere and the way they teach us is different from Malaysia. Lecturers are  always on hand to help the student when they get confused in the lesson. Our teaching classes are not big, so it’s easy for lecturers take good caring for his/her students.  The students in LYIT are very friendly and helpful.

    Besides that, studying abroad enables you to make more friends around the world, get to know another culture first-hand and it’s the most effective way to brush up your English. Studying abroad can train yourself up to become an independent person, living away from home can feel the different experience in your life. It’s great.

    So, what do you wait for? Walk out from your comfort zone, you will find out how big the rest of the world is. Fantastic ^^. 

    我是虹妃,今年23 岁。来自马来西亚的沙巴。我与父母和两位妹妹一起生活,我在家中是大女儿。来这之前我在位于马来西亚吉隆坡 Tunku Abdul Rahman College University (TARUC)修读会计商科文凭。后来,我选择了Letterkenny institute of Technology (LYIT) 修读大学三年级(荣誉)商业学士。


     LYIT 是一所不错的学校,我在此也愿意推荐给你们。LYIT拥有专业的讲师,讲师们也拥有丰富的教学经验。这里的学习氛围和他们教的方式是与马来西亚不一样。当学生们在课业上遇到不明白的,讲师们都非常乐意重复的教导学生们。学校编排每一个班的人数都不多,所以讲师可以照顾到每一位学生。同学们都很友好和乐于助人。此外,出国留学可以认识世界各地的朋友,也可以亲身体验当地的文化和同时是一个很好的时机来提高你的英语水准。在国外学习也可以培养自己成为一个独立的人,离开家生活能感觉到你人生中的不同的经验。那么,你还在等待什么呢?走出你的舒适区,你会发现世界不是你想象的那么小

  • » Science without Borders - Kaique Lima

    My name is Kaique Lima and I came from a small city in the state of Sao Paulo, called Andradina.Kaique Lima Profile

    I came to Ireland in 2007. I've been living here with my family since then.

    I am currently in the 2nd year of Computer Games Development at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology (LYIT)

    It's been a very long time since I have studied in Brazil. But I would say that study in Ireland is of a high standard and it is well recognised around the world.

    Teachers and lecturers are strict over here, which helps students to maintain a greater attention to their school and college work.  I think this would be one of the main differences between Ireland education system and Brazil's. Overall, I can say that Ireland has a good education system.

    LYIT is a quiet and peaceful place. It is a small college, which makes communication and friendship with others easier. So, we can get to know people better.  There is an active Student Union which offers a wide range of societies in the college which you can join. It helps students to interact with others and meet new people.

    Another positive point about LYIT is its location. The college campus is located in a very central area. It is located close to the downtown and various student accommodation facilities. 

    There are several shops; cafes and restaurants nearby as well as cinema, swimming and theatre. These short distances to such places, makes our daily lives better. It's very accessible.

    LYIT lecturers are quite good also, which is very important for a good education.

    Most of them would demonstrate a great knowledge of their subject and would illustrate it in a way that we, students, can understand. In my opinion, LYIT would be a good choice for students trying to improve their English language and learning new things.

    It's also a suitable place for students trying to meet new people and make new friends as well as learning a different culture. People here are very welcoming and there's many ways in which students can interact with other students at the college.

    There's a vibrant and exciting environment amongst the LYIT students.

    Studying at the Letterkenny Institute of Technology is great educationally and a fun experience.

  • » Science without Borders - Kaoana Lima

    My name is Kaoana Lima. I'm from Andradina - a small city located in the state of Sao Paulo. I live in Ireland since 2007.Kaoana Lima Profile

    I'm studying Bioscience at the LYIT. I'm in first year.

    I can say a lot of good things about the LYIT. Studying here has a lot of advantages.  It's a small and friendly college, so it's easier to make friends and get to know other people.  Classes are usually small, if you have any questions, you can easily ask your lecturers.  There's a lot of help, such as The Curve and the Student Union.

    LYIT is a good place to make friends, get involved in clubs and societies and have a good time. So, I would advise the students thinking in coming to LYIT to enjoy their time at the college.

    This will be a good opportunity to learn new things, improve your English and meet new people from all over the world.

    Studying at the LYIT can be a unique experience!