Who Needs a Visa?

S.I. No. 25 of 1999 Aliens (Visas) Order, 1999
I, John O'Donoghue, Minister for Justice and Law Reform, in exercise of the powers conferred on me by section 5 of the Aliens Act, 1935 (No. 14 of 1935), hereby order as follows:
  1. Title, collective citation and construction.
    This Order may be cited as the Aliens (Visas) Order, 1999.
  2. Interpretation.
    In this Order The word "alien" has the meaning assigned to it by the Aliens order 1946 (S.R. & Q. No. 395 of 1946. The word"port" has the meaning assigned to it by the Aliens Order 1946 (S.R. & O. No. 395 of 1946).
    The Interpretation Acts, 1937 to 1997, apply to this Order.
  3. Transit visas.
    An alien coming from a place outside the State other than Great Britain or Northern Ireland who is a citizen of a state specified in the First Schedule to this Order shall not enter a port in the State unless he or she is the holder of a valid Irish transit visa.
  4. Visa-exempt classes.
    Citizens of the states specified in the Second Schedule to this Order are hereby designated as a class of persons not requiring an Irish visa.
States whose citizens require a transit visa:
Afghanistan Nigeria  
Albania Romania  
Bulgaria Lebanon  
Cuba Moldova  
Ethiopia The Federal Republic of Yugoslavia (Serbia and Montenegro)   
Eritrea Somalia   
Ghana Sri Lanka  
Iraq Zaire  
States whose citizens do not require an Irish visa
Andorra Guatemala Norway
Argentina Honduras Panama
Australia Hong Kong (Special Administrative Region) Paraguay
Austria Hungary Poland
Bahamas Iceland Portugal
Barbados Israel San Marino
Belgium Italy Singapore
Botswana Jamaica Slovenia
Brazil Japan South Africa
Brunei Korea (Republic of South) Spain
Canada Latvia Swaziland
Chile Lesotho Sweden
Costa Rica Liechtenstein Switzerland
Croatia Lithuanian Tonga
Cyprus Luxembourg Trinidad & Tobago
Czech Republic Malawi United States of America
Denmark Malaysia United Kingdom & Colonies
El Salvador Malta Uruguay
Estonia Mexico Vatican City
Finland Monaco Venezuela
France Naura Western Samoa
Germany Netherlands Zimbabwe
Greece New Zealand  
Grenada Nicaragua  
Given under my official seal this 3rd of February 1999
Minister for Justice, Equality and Law Reform
(This note is not part of the Instrument and does not purport to be a legal interpretation)
This Order specifies the class of persons who are required to have a transit visa and the class of persons exempt from Irish visa requirements.
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