Schools Liaison

  • To make school students, their teachers, guidance counsellors and parents aware of the opportunities at LYIT
  • To provide potential students with specific information on LYIT’s courses and facilities to enable them to make an informed choices
  • To facilitate exchange of information and collegiate co-operation between partners in education.
A hard copy prospectus is produced on a biennial basis (i.e. every two years).  In the event that new programmes are added or that information otherwise changes between editions, we provide updates on the web site.
We will also be delighted to deal with queries by phone or e-mail on any of the following topics:
  • Course Information
  • Eligibility & Application issues,
  • Fees, Finance and Welfare issues
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We can provide statistical data to Principals or Guidance Counsellors on applications, offers or acceptance numbers from their school to LYIT. We cannot provide personal data on individual students, as it is protected under Data Protection. Schools must seek any personal information from the individual concerned.
We organise an annual meeting at LYIT for Principals and Guidance Counsellors in our catchment area to update them on new initiatives, plans and issues at LYIT or in Higher Education generally.
Visits to Schools
We offer two types of visit.
General Presentation
This type of talk is intended for a mixed interest group.  It provides general information on applying for and attending college and about student life.   It includes a brief outline of the range of course available at LYIT.  However we have approx 50 entry level programmes and many more add-on options.  As  time in schools is usually quite limited, it is not possible in the course of a general talk to go into any great depth with descriptions of programme content.  In any case,  this level of detail  may not be appropriate for a mixed interest group.  The presenter will be happy to address specific  questions raised by the students.  If they are unable to provide an answer on the spot they will follow up via phone /e-mail afterward. This presentation takes about an hour and covers the following topics:
  • LYIT, Facilities
  • Brief outline of range of courses
  • Application Procedures
  • Student Life, accommodation, social life, clubs and societies, sports
  • Student Welfare, medical, access, & careers services and student support mechanisms, etc.
  • Costs, fees & grants, etc.
The presentation can be tailored to the school’s specific timetable requirements and audience (students, parents, etc.). Please contact Registry to arrange a visit of this type, 074 918 6126
Faculty or course-specific visits
This type of talk presentation is intended for smaller groups of students who may have expressed a specific interest in finding out more about a particular faculty and/or programme. This type of visit may be arranged by contacting registry, 074 918 6126 or by contacting the relevant Head of School directly.
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Open Day/Campus Visits
Next Open Day at LYIT –  Friday 25th November
Preparation and scheduling for open day is co-ordinated via the Registry.
We can also organise campus visits on days other than Open Day to for individuals or groups. Some notice will be required. Tel. 074 918 6127
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The Careers Service organises an on-campus careers exhibition each year. We can also provide stands, literature and staff for higher education or careers exhibitions and events organised by external agencies off-campus. We attend events for multiple schools that are organised on a regional basis under the auspices of the CAO and/or IGC as well as larger national events such as the Higher Options & FAS exhibitions. We also attend single-school events and adult learner fairs in our immediate catchment area. We will consider invitations to attend single-school exhibitions outside our catchment area. However travel distance and staffing may be an issue in these cases so, where possible, schools should avail of regional events. Tel. (074) 918 6120
Events for Parents
We will be happy to assist or participate with schools in events aimed at providing information to parents. These can be daytime or evening events. Tel (074) 918 6120
Special School Ceremonies
We will be happy to provide guest speakers for special school ceremonies such as opening of new facilities, graduation, prize giving, etc.
Use of LYIT’s Facilities
We will endeavour to provide meeting, teaching, lecturing or exhibition space to groups involved in education (including: teachers, principals, guidance staff or parent associations) for events such as in-service courses, special meetings, etc. We were, for instance, delighted to be able to accommodate the THRIC (Tourism and Hospitality Research in Ireland Conference) with facilities for their annual conference in 2015. Use of facilities is organised in conjunction with the Estates Department and on the proviso that it does not interfere with the normal timetabled use of the facilities or with other pre-booked events. There is usually a charge to cover use of space, heating, lighting, use of special equipment, caretaker overtime (if relevant), consumables, etc. Charges may be waived in the case of certain charitable and non-commercial educational bookings. Early notification of requirements and confirmation of booking is advisable. The Estates Office Administrator, Lorraine Kessack, may be contacted on (074) 918 6112 or via e-mail: lorraine.kessack@lyit.ie
Who to Contact
School Visits are organised via the Registry.   If you wish to request a school visit please contact
Fiona Kelly
(074) 918 6103
General Admission Queries may be directed to
Irene Heavey,
Academic Administration & Student Services Manager,
Letterkenny I.T
Port Road, Letterkenny, Co. Donegal.
(074) 918 6120
Admissions information is also available on this site, here
Queries about specific programmes,  programme content, and career or further study options arising from programmes are best directed to  the appropriate Head of  Department
Science: Joanne  Gallagher 074 918 6302 joanne.gallagher@lyit.ie
Computing Thomas Dowling 074 918 6304 thomas.dowling@lyit.ie
Nursing & Health Studies Louise McBride 074 918 6303 louise.mcbride@lyit.ie
Civil Engineering & Construction Anne  Boner 074 918 6403 anne.boner@lyit.ie
Electronic & Mechanical Engineering Jim Morrison 074 918 6401 jim.morrison@lyit.ie
Business Studies Patricia Doherty 074 918 6202 patricia.doherty@lyit.ie
Design & Creative Media Nollaig Crombie 074 918 6203 nollaig.crombie@lyit.ie
Law & Humanities iobhan Cullen 074 918 6204 Siobhan.cullen@lyit.ie
Tourism, Gastronomy & Culinary Arts Ciarán Ó hAnnracháin 074 9186603 ciaranohannrachain@lyit.ie
Detailed Course information is also available on this site, here
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