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    Programme Title  Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Construction Management
    CAO Code  LY528
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  4 Years ab initio
    Standard Code Places:  24
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this Course for You?  
    This programme is designed for those who wish to work as professional construction managers in the construction industry.  The academic qualification from this Honours degree programme will enable graduates to commence the process of becoming a Chartered Construction Manager.
    Interested in a dynamic career in construction?  Then this course is the ideal choice for you.  The 4-year programme was developed to enable learners to become construction professionals which are abreast of technological developments in the Construction sector such as Building Information Modelling (BIM), sustainability and surveying techniques.
    The programme aims to create for the learner a multi-discipline environment in which real life projects are worked on.  The subjects covered give a wide range of expertise pertinent to the construction industry allied with more general business and management modules.
    Key Features
    • Work placement
    • Small class sizes, facilitating a learner centred approach
    • Best practice in BIM technologies such as 3D modelling, digital surveying techniques and virtual construction.
    Minimum Entry Requirements
    • 6 subjects at O6/H7
    • 2 subjects at H5
    • ENG/IRS at O6/H7
    • Maths at 06/H7
    How to Apply
    • This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
    • QQI/FET applicants click QQI/FET
    • Northern Ireland/UK Applicants click NI/UK
    • Applicants who are interested in taking selected modules only from this programme and/or those interested in studying this programme in a part-time mode, click Part-time Study
    Non-European Applicants
    Applications from non-EU applicants are very welcome.  Please contact Jill Murphy at www.jill.murphy@lyit.ie for details about application forms, fees, visas etc.
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of credits
     1/1  Construction Technology 1 Mandatory  5
     Fire Technology Mandatory  5
     Mathematics 1 Mandatory  5
     Elementary CAD Mandatory  5
     Physics 1 Mandatory  5
     Technical Writing & Communications Elective  5
     Land Surveying  Elective  5
     1/2  Construction Technology 2 Mandatory  5
     Building Services 1  Mandatory  5
     Mathematics 2 Mandatory  5
     BIM Graphic Communications Mandatory  5
     Physics 2 Mandatory  5
     Technical Writing & Communications Elective   5
     Land Surveying  Elective   5
     2/3  Architectural History & Conservation Mandatory  10
     Engineering Methods & Electro Mechanical Drafting Mandatory  5
     Surveying 1 Mandatory  5
     Structural Design & Materials Mandatory  5
     Measurement & Construction Economics Mandatory  5
     Advanced Construction Technology  Mandatory  
     2/4  Integrated BIM Project Mandatory  10
     Renewable Energy Resources  Mandatory  5
     Surveying 2 Mandatory  5
     Building Services 2 Mandatory  5
     Site Organisation Mandatory  5
     3/5  BIM for VDC Mandatory  10
     Financial Management Mandatory  10
     Digital Communications Mandatory  5
     Statutory Approvals  Mandatory  5
     3/6  Document Control & Public Procurement Mandatory  5
     Building Energy Management Mandatory  5
     Digital Land Surveying  Mandatory  5
     Professional Practice Mandatory  5
     Work Placement  Mandatory  10
     4/7  Construction Management 1 Mandatory  10
     Sustainable Construction Methods Mandatory  10
     Construction Law & Professional Ethics Mandatory  5
     Dissertation Proposal Mandatory  5
     4/8  Construction Management 2 Mandatory  10
     Financial Information & Decision Making in Construction Mandatory  5
     Dispute Mitigation & Resolution  Mandatory  5
     Dissertation Mandatory  10
    Follow on Courses and Professional Accreditation
    • Master’s degree at LYIT (by research) or at other institutes or universities.
    • Professional membership of the Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB) or other professional body 
    Career Opportunities
    The programme leads to a qualification in an area where strong employment opportunities have been identified in Construction Management utilising BIM processes and technology to add value.
    The shortage of construction professionals within the industry means that graduates have excellent career prospects.  They are needed to plan, survey, construct and manage the buildings of the future.
    Typical employers include:
    • Building and civil engineering contractors
    • Surveying consultants
    • Property developers
    • Property services consultants
    To see what’s going on in the Department of Civil Engineering and Construction check out our Facebook Pages: https://www.facebook.com/lyit.civilengineeringandconstruction
    • Contact: Head of Department of Civil Engineering & Construction 
    • E- Mail: anne.boner@lyit.ie
    • Telephone: (074) 9186403

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