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    Programme Title Bachelor of Science in Computing with Web and Mobile Applications Development
    CAO Code  LY747
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  3 Years ab initio
    Standard Code Places:  24
    National Framework Level  7
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    Ireland is the worlds' largest exporter of Computer Software. This means that there are excellent opportunities for finding well-paid employment when you graduate. Additionally, because computers are used in almost every area of modern life, the range of opportunities and types of jobs which are open to computing graduates means that the chances of having a career you enjoy are excellent.
    This programme will provide students with the range of both theoretical and practical skills required for them to participate fully in the rapidly growing mobile computing industry. The ethos of the course is to provide a strong core set of computer programming competencies orientated towards the web and mobile platform; the dominant computing platform for consumers in the 21st century. A graduate from this course will be ready to develop sophisticated web, mobile and cross media applications. They will be proficient in the latest technologies such as HTML 5, CSS 3.0, JQuery, CMS scripting and native mobile programming. They will be able to apply these technologies using Usability Engineering methods; the latest approach to the design of web and mobile applications. There is an increasing demand for this skill set as all devices move to internet connectivity, and all information sources move to the mobile platform.
    These skills are typically required in companies such as Pramerica, Arrant Technology, Eyespy FX, Vocal or The Mobile Crowd. The rapidly changing digital, media and creative industries offer career opportunities in an extremely wide range of industry sectors including media development, web and mobile application development, computing and system management, teaching, IT consultancy, and as managers and administrators in a wide variety of public and private organisations. Global shipments of Android phones in 2011 are almost equal to PC sales. When other big-name mobile devices (iPhones, iPads, and RIM devices) are added to the equation, it becomes evident that mobile devices are beginning to dwarf PCs in sales. The mobile revolution has enabled all sorts of exciting new apps and games that could not exist before. Mobile applications and devices serve users in ways that offer far more satisfaction than traditional desktop computing. Web and Mobile programmers are the fulcrum that the IT lever pivots on. Creating software and mobile apps now allow us to do things that have never been done before.
    For some general information about why you might consider a career in computing: Careers Evenings and Computers.
    If you would like more information about computer programming (OO Programming) click on What is Computer Programming?
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    2017 Matriculation RequirementsPre-2017 Leaving Cert Grades Required
     2 H5 and 4 O6/H7 grades  2 HD1 and 4 OD3/HE grades
     6 O6/H7 grades  5 OD3/HE grades
    What will I have to study?
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Introduction to OO Programming I Mandatory  10  8
     Operating Systems I Mandatory  5  4
     Mathematics for Computing Mandatory  5  4
     Personal and Professional Development Mandatory  5  4
     Student Development Mandatory  5  4
     1/2  Introduction to OO Programming II Mandatory  10  8
      Problem Solving with Robotics Mandatory  5  4
     Computer Architecture Mandatory  5  4
     Introduction to the Internet and (Desktop) Web Mandatory  5  4
     2/3  Object Oriented Programming Mandatory  10  7
     The Mobile Web Mandatory  10  7
     Operating Systems II Mandatory  5  4
     Mathematics for Computer Graphics Mandatory  5  4
     2/4  Database Technology Mandatory  10  7
     Web Script Programming I Mandatory  10  7
     Network Technologies Mandatory  5  4
     Object Oriented GUI Programming Mandatory  5  4
     3/5  Object Oriented Analysis & Design Mandatory  10  6
     Web Script Programming II Mandatory  10  6
     Technical Writing Mandatory  5  4
     Software Implementation Mandatory  5  4
     3/6  Team Project Mandatory  10  6
     Mobile Applications Development in Java Mandatory  10  6
     Client/Server Database Architecture Mandatory  5  4
     Client-Server Database Architecture Mandatory  5  4
     Algorithms & Data Structures Mandatory  5  4
     3/7  Certificate in Industry Studies Elective  15  Summer Period
    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of the course the graduate will be able to:
    • Knowledge and understanding of a range of computer skills;
    • The ability to demonstrate specialist skills required for working in internet and mobile applications development industry.
    • The ability to apply and integrate conceptual and theoretical information relating to the skills above;
    • The ability to review available technologies, implement system modelling techniques, design and implement computer systems;
    • Specialist knowledge and understanding of skills relating to computer internet and mobile applications development;
    • The ability to analyse and evaluate information and based on that information be able to formulate and appraise well documented solutions;
    • The skills required to make decisions and justify those decisions in relation to the task;
    • The ability to design and develop computer systems in a structured manner following an appropriate decision making process;
    • The ability to recognise best-practice across a range of legal and ethical areas;
    • The ability to plan and organise work and interact effectively as part of a team;
    • The ability to develop and formalise original ideas using a range of tools;
    • The ability to demonstrate specialist skills required for working in the computing industry;
    • The ability to design and implement internet and mobile applications to satisfy a wide range of different requirements;
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    Progression is available to a one year Level 8 Honours Bachelor Degree in Computing with Web and Mobile Applications Development internally at LYIT.
    On completion of this programme graduates may go on to study for their Honours Degree at other ITs and Universities in Ireland and abroad. Progression internationally to second cycle (i.e. ‘Bologna Masters’) degree programmes.
    Career Opportunities in IT
    Current forecasts about the future of the computing industry in Ireland are excellent. It is projected that students who enter third level colleges this year are likely to find there are more professional computing jobs available when they graduate than there are computing graduates to fill them.
    During the past decade, Ireland has gained increasing recognition as Europe’s premier location for software development. Since the 1980s, most leading US software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook and Symantec, have based their European operations centres in Ireland. The country has also become the number one site for software development in Europe. All the big players such as Microsoft, Google, EBay, Symantec and Amazon are now based in Ireland.
    Alongside the big international players Ireland also has a thriving software development industry that has been created in Ireland by Irish computer graduates. It comprises of over 600 companies, about 250 of which have significant levels of overseas sales. Ireland has now overtaken the USA as the biggest exporter of software in the world. 60% of all software sold in Europe originates in Ireland.
    In addition to the national demand for computing graduates there are several large computing companies in the Northwest such as Pramerica which is based in Letterkenny, Northbrook which has operations in Derry and Strabane and SITA which is owned by the air transport industry and has recently announced a major jobs expansion.
    Web and Mobile Applications Development roles (such as those offered in Pramerica) offer exciting technical challenges whilst providing excellent opportunity to increase and enhance technical and leadership skills. Web and mobile applications developers are among the key people shaping the direction of future IT development.  Just a few examples of companies involved in this work: The Mobile Crowd (Co Kerry) is a trading division of The Marketing Crowd which has provided digital marketing solutions for clients throughout Ireland such as The INEC, Sean Gallagher Of Dragons Den, 5 star hotels such as Aghadoe Heights and Killarney Park plus ESB networks, Ladbrokes Poker festival etc. Other Mobile app developers include Pramerica (Co Donegal) and Vocal (Dublin 2).
    And for an idea of what computing might look like in the future see the following video by Microsoft on YouTube: Microsoft Future of Computing or see Microsoft's Future Vision 2019 You can be part of it.
    For independent information on employment and salaries in the IT industry see the following report which covers 2010-2011 : Jobs and Salaries in IT. Also see Ireland is becoming the Internet Capital of Europe and Gaming in Ireland. For the latest update on employment in the IT Sector see 2,500 Unfilled Jobs in Irish Tech Sector.
    For articles from 2012/13 which you might find helpful see:
    Shortage of Quality Mobile Application Developers
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    8 out of 10 companies on happiest young professionals list have Irish operations
    ICT Skills Audit pinpoints skills needed to fill more than 4,500 tech job
    The skills shortage threatening to derail Europe’s hopes of recovery
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
    If you would like to learn more about computing attend our Summer Computing Camp .
    • Contact Thomas Dowling, Head of Department of Computing, Letterkenny Institute of Technology by
    • E- Mail: thomas.dowling@lyit.ie
    • Telephone: (074) 918 6304

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