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    Submitting a Portfolio
    If you do not have Leaving Certificate Art or Design Communication Graphics or equivalent, you will be required to submit a portfolio of drawing and design work to Lyit for assessment.

    This assessment is only to determine if you are eligible to apply for the course. Entry is based on Leaving Certificate points.

    Portfolios will be assessed by appointment during the month of May.

    Students can either submit a physical portfolio to Lyit on the day or they can submit a digital portfolio.
    The work can be photographed and either submitted on a dvd/cd or put on a website and email the url web address to design@lyit.ie with portfolio submission in subject line and applicants CAO number and course code.

    Portfolios must be clearly labelled with applicants CAO number and course code of the course they are applying for. 

    What should be in the Portfolio
    All applicants for this course must submit a portfolio of design related work.
    The portfolio is a sample collection of your best work. It should be edited, easy to look through, and well presented.
    Be selective: include and highlight only your best work, excluding early works unless there are some exceptional pieces. Do not “pack” it with any more than 20 pieces. (We appreciate quality, not quantity)

    What to include
    Design project work - include research and development work as well as finished pieces.
    Notebooks, creative sketchbooks or visual diaries indicating your interest in visual communication
    Drawings - studies in line and tone, based on your immediate environment. Include still life, life drawings or observational drawing in a range of media
    Please submit any digital work on DVD or CD only
    Clearly identify your role if team work is included 

    What not to include
    Do not include drawings or paintings copied from photographs, books or magazines.
    Do not include any artwork which is a copy of someone else’s work
    Do not include 3D work (Photographs of the work are fine.)