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    Programme Title  Bachelor of Arts in Product Design
    CAO Code  LY417
    LYIT internal code  LY_DINDD_D
    Duration  3 Years ab initio
    Standard Code Places:  20
    National Framework Level  7
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    There is a lot more to Product Design than making something look good. The Product Designer’s job is to work as a member of a design team, specifically, to develop attractive concepts that inspire the rest of the team.
    Product Designers need to be observant, sensitive and imaginative. They need to be interested in the world of business and marketing. They need to be curious about how things work. They need to enjoy solving problems.
    Our Product Design course in LYIT offers excellent opportunities to learn the relevant skills. This is a very practical course – students get experience in many aspects of designing and problem-solving by undertaking projects. Drawing and model-making are used to develop concepts and to communicate these to others. Computer generated renderings and models are also used to explore concepts. In many instances these are then modelled using Rapid Prototyping technology.
    Students taking this Product Design programme should share the widespread concern about our environment. As a Product Designer you can influence the way people live their lives and in doing so make things better from an environmental point of view. Product Design provides a chance to develop a career that can offer many challenges and opportunities
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    Students must have grade D3 or better in at least 5 subjects at Leaving Certificate, including Maths and either Irish or English. Art is desirable but not essential. Design and Technology, Engineering and Technical Drawing are other desirable but non-essential subjects.
    Entry is based on Leaving Certificate or FETAC/NCVA results only. There is no portfolio assessment or interview.
    • FETAC applicants click FETAC
    • Applicants presenting non-Irish exams as a basis for entry, please check the IOTCEF listing to search for the entry relevant to your country
    • Applicants who are interested in taking selected modules only from this programme and/or those interested in studying this programme in a part-time mode, click Part-time Study
    Mature applicants
    Should apply via the CAO, making sure they tick the relevant boxes on pages 2 and 3 of the CAO application form.
    What will I study?
    YEAR 1 Semester 1 explores creativity and introduces the student to fundamental drawing principles. Semester 2 develops analytical skills and introduces the student to aspects of manufacturing
    YEAR 2 Semester 3 explores the design process and collaborative design environments – identifying design opportunities and the requirements of a variety of user populations Semester 4 requires the student to formulate design proposals and communicate ideas in both two and three dimensions.
    YEAR 3 Semester 5 focuses on developing key skills in the areas of idea generation, research and concept communication Semester 6 requires the student to develop a personal response to a self-directed design opportunity.
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Visual Literacy – Design Principles Mandatory  10  8
     Design Drawing 1 Mandatory  10  7
     3D Studies Mandatory  5  4
     Communication skills Mandatory  5  3
     1/2  Design Drawing 2 Mandatory  10  7
     Photography Mandatory  10  7
     Materials & Processes Mandatory  5  3
     Design History Mandatory  5  3
     2/3  Design Drawing 3 Mandatory  10  6
      Design Communication & Innovation Mandatory  10  6
     Ergonomics & Human Factors Mandatory  5  3
     The Evolution of Domestic Technology Mandatory  5  3
     2/4  Modelling Practice 1 Mandatory  10  6
     Modelling 1 Mandatory  10  6
     Design & Marketing Mandatory  5  3
     Digital Rendering 1 Mandatory  5  3
     3/5  Design Practice 2 Mandatory  10  6
     Modelling 2 Mandatory  10  5
     Business of Product Design Mandatory  5  3
     Digital Rendering 2 Mandatory  5  3
     3/6  Design Project Mandatory  15  7
     Modelling 3 Mandatory  5  3
     Design Theory - Contemporary Product Design Mandatory  5  3
     Display Design & Portfolio Mandatory  5  3
    Follow up programmes elsewhere include:
    Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Product Design Innovation (CW728) at IT Carlow. A range of Post- Graduate Diplomas and Masters Degrees at DIT, University of Ulster and elsewhere.
    Career Opportunities
    Product Designers work in many areas of industry, in consultancy and as in-house designers for manufacturers. As companies respond to rapidly changing markets and competition, they need to employ designers who can identify new product ideas or breathe new life into an existing range of products.
    Graduates of this course have found employment in:
    • Product design
    • Furniture design
    • Interior and exhibition design
    Prospects are good. Product Designers with 3 – 5 years experience can expect to earn between €35K to €45K, plus inducements.
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply

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