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    Programme Title  Bachelor of Science (Hons.) in Psychiatric Nursing
    CAO Code: Standard/ Mature  LY918
    Duration  4 Years ab initio
    Standard Code Places:  14
    Mature Code Places:  5
    FETAC/NCVA/BTEC Places:  1
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    This programme may suit those who wish to pursue an interesting and worthwhile career in the caring services. Applicants should have
    • An interest in acquiring the skills necessary to work with and care for people suffering from a wide variety of physical health problems.
    • A capacity to analyse problems and apply solutions based on best practice.
    • Good communication skills.
    • An interest in working with people who have mental health problems and are in need of care, support and rehabilitation.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    The Nurses Rules, 2010 6.1 provide that:
    Before admission to a programme leading to Registration in the Register of Nurses the applicant must have obtained in the Leaving Certificate Examination a minimum grade of C3 in two higher level papers and a minimum of grade D3 in four ordinary or higher level papers in the following subjects:
    • English or Irish (not Foundation Level Irish)
    • Mathematics (not Foundation Level)
    • A laboratory science subject (Biology, Physics, Chemistry, Physics & Chemistry joint or Agricultural Science)
    • Three other subjects
    Have equivalent educational qualifications to those outlined above.  The minimum entry requirements may be accumulated from more than one sitting of the Leaving Certificate or an equivalent examination.  All applicants who meet the minimum requirements or who are taking the correct combination of subjects in the Leaving Certificate, or an equivalent examination are eligible to apply and will be ranked and selected on points
    FETAC Level 5
    FETAC has launched a new format of awards called the Common Awards System (CAS).  From September 2013 applicants may be presenting with these new common awards.
    Applicants who wish to be considered on the basis of FETAC Level 5 awards must present either of the following FETAC awards:
    • Nursing Studies:                5M4349 or
    • Health Care Support:         5M4339 or
    • Community Care:               5M2786
    To be eligible for consideration, those presenting either of the above awards must also have included in their award any one of the following mathematics modules, C20139, C20175, C20174, and must have achieved at least 5 distinctions, including distinctions in at least 3 of the following four modules:
    • Anatomy and Physiology 5NO749 or
    • Biology 5N2746 or
    • Human Growth and Development 5N1279 or
    • Nursing Theory and Practice 5N4325
    A quota of 2 places is reserved for those presenting FETAC results.  For further information on FETAC applications please see FETAC.
    BTEC Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma
    Applicants who wish to be considered for Nursing on the basis of a BTEC must present one of the following BTEC awards:
    • Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Health and Social Care
    • Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Health Studies
    • Level 3 Diploma/Extended Diploma in Health Sciences
    The quota for those attempting to enter via vocational awards is extremely limited (refer to table above). As a result only the very highest scoring vocational applicants are considered. If there are more people on the same score than there are places available, random selection will apply (see 2016 CAO handbook page 19). Thus even for those with high vocational scores,  many are inevitably disappointed.
    It is also important to note that the Vocational Quota is dealt with on Round Zero which goes out in earlyAugust, before the offers for those applying on the basis of academic school-leaving exams. You must have made you final, certified BTEC results available to us before Round Zero, to be eligible for consideration for the vocational route. CAO do not currently process or score BTEC awards.  So, if applying via this route, make your application via CAO in the normal way but send a copy of your BTEC result directly to LYIT before the end of July.  Make sure your name and CAO number is clear
    Mature Applicants
    A quota of four places is allocated specifically for mature applicants on this programme.  Mature Applicants (aged 23 or over on January 1st in the year of application) who do not meet the minimum educational requirements should apply via the CAO, using the mature code, before February 1st.  Having applied through CAO, applicants for mature code entry must also register and apply through the PAS website.  This is required as PAS undertakes the written assessment on behalf of Nursing and Midwifery Board Ireland. For further information see here.
    Garda Vetting
    Applicants who join this course will have to be vetted by the Gardaí.  If the Gardaí raise an issue it will have to be addressed satisfactorily.  If it is not, students will not be able to go on placement or fulfil the course requirements, in which case students will be asked to leave the course.  Please note that all courses requiring Garda vetting will only have places for non-EU candidates if there are not enough qualified EU candidates available to fill the course.
    Health Assessment
    Applicants wishing to pursue one of the nursing degree programmes are subject to an Occupational Health Assessment.  Applicants must be deemed fit to practice in order to continue on the programme.
    What will I have to study?
    Year/SemesterProposed Modules,
    subject to approval
    No of credits
     1/1  Biological & Related Sciences 1 Mandatory  5
     Introduction to Social And Behavioural Sciences Mandatory  5
     Professional Nursing Studies 1 Mandatory  5
     Nursing: Theory and Practice 1 Mandatory  10
     1/2  Biological & Related Sciences 2 Mandatory  5
     Lifespan Psychology& Societal Influences Mandatory  5
     Professional Nursing Studies 2 Mandatory  5
     Nursing Theory and Practice 2 Mandatory  10
     Mental Health Nursing Skills 1 Mandatory  10
     2/3  Applied Biological & Related Sciences in Mental Health Mandatory  5
     Professional Nursing Studies 3 Mandatory  5
     Promoting Health & Wellbeing Mandatory  5
     Mental Health: Care & Recovery Mandatory  15
     2/4  Applied Biological & Related Sciences in Mental Health Mandatory  5
     Evidence Based Practice Mandatory  5
     Social Sciences Perspectives on Health Care Delivery Mandatory  5
     Principles & Practice of Mental Health Nursing Mandatory  10
     Mental Health Nursing Practice 2 Mandatory  5
     3/5  Mental Health Nursing Practice 3 Mandatory  30
     3/6  Applied Biological & Related Sciences in Mental Health Mandatory  5
     Individual & Collective Wellbeing Mandatory  5
     Leadership & Management in Nursing Mandatory  5
     A Lifespan Approach & Resources for Healthy Living Mandatory  15
     4/7 Applied Biological & Related Sciences in Mental Health Mandatory  5
     Research in Practice Mandatory  5
     Contemporary Mental Health Nursing Mandatory  10
     Development of the Skilled Practitioner Mandatory  5
     Mental Health Nursing Practice 4 Mandatory  5
     4/8  Mental Health Nursing:  Internship : 36 Weeks Mandatory  30
    Learning Outcomes
    On successful completion of this programme the student will be able to:
    • Assist individuals, families and groups achieve optimum health, independence, recovery or a peaceful death in a professional caring manner.
    • Provide and manage direct practical nursing whether health promotional, preventative, curative, rehabilitative or supportive to individuals, families or groups.
    • Demonstrate a knowledge base and a level of competence in clinical practice skills essential for safe practice, which are grounded in recent evidence based nursing research, where available.
    • Identify and meet the nursing care needs of the individual, family, community in all health care settings
    • Demonstrate the development of skills of analysis, critical thinking, problem-solving and reflective practice.
    • Act as an effective member of a health care team and participate in the multi-disciplinary team approach to the care of patients/clients.
    • Demonstrate effective, efficient  and appropriate verbal, written and non-verbal communication.
    • Demonstrate  a working knowledge of information literacy and ICT  skills sufficient to practice in a modern health care environment.
    • Develop the skills necessary to be discerning consumers of evidence able to effectively use such evidence for practical purposes in both education and practice.
    Information for students applying for the BSc (Hons) in Psychiatric Nursing at LYIT 2014:
    Placements on the above course take place within Donegal Mental Health Service and Sligo/ Leitrim Mental Health Service. Students will undertake their placements within one service only for the full duration of their course.  Year 1 students on this course will complete a service preference form to indicate which service they would prefer to undertake clinical placement within. This preference will then, in as far as possible, determine your allocation to that service for clinical placement.
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    On successful completion of this programme learners may transfer to programmes at LYIT leading to the award of Higher Diploma in any of the following clinical nursing specialties:
    • Mental Health Nursing Care of the Adult
    • Mental Health Nursing Care of the Older Person
    Note that the above Higher Diploma programmes are only offered subject to Health Service Executive need. Thus all programmes may not be available every year. For further details contact the Department of Nursing and Health Studies.
    Progression to programmes leading to the award Post-graduate Diploma or Masters Degree, or in some case, to programmes leading to the award of a Doctoral Degree is possible.
    Follow up programmes elsewhere include:
    • Post Graduate Diploma in Nursing Education
    • Post Graduate Diploma in various clinical nursing specialties relevant to mental health.
    • Progression internationally to second cycle (i.e. “Bologna masters”) degree programmes is also possible.
    Career Opportunities
    The main employers are:
    • The Health Service Executive
    • Other Public Services
    • Private Sector Nursing Homes
    Former graduates are employed in the following capacities:
    • Staff Nurse
    • Clinical Nurse Specialist
    • Clinical Nurse Manager
    • Nursing Lecturer

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