• » Bachelor of Arts in Administration & IT

     Programme Title  Bachelor of Arts in Administration & IT
     CAO Code  LY117
     LYIT internal code  LY_BADMN_D
     Duration  3 Years
     Standard Code Places:  40
     National Framework Level  7
     Award Type  Major
     Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
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    Is this Programme for Me?
    This programme covers all the areas of training necessary for the post of personal assistant/office administrator/office manager. Holders of this Award will be able to assume early responsibility in Office Management and will be familiar with all the main types of work that they are likely to encounter.
    The programme incorporates the key skills required for the modern administrative environment in either small or large organizations. These key competencies include, communication skills, information technology proficiency, working with people and problem-solving.
    A key strength of this programme is the emphasis on practical learning and learning by doing. Practically based modules such as computerised accounts, payroll, text processing and advanced spreadsheets will equip the learner with the know how for administrative work. Upon completion of this programme students will have acquired advanced skills in administration to assist in managing an office effectively. Furthermore, students will have developed knowledge and skills necessary for potential management positions. The transferability of the skills taught on this course is high and can be applied across a variety of workplaces, cultures and positions.
    Work Experience/Placement
    Work placement is viewed as an integral part of the programme in that it embeds skills learned and knowledge acquired throughout the course. The work placement is accredited and takes place over the course of one semester. It gives the learner the opportunity to work in a real life situation where she/he will have to work on her/his own initiative, be adaptable to the new environment she/he finds her/himself working in and reflect on her/his own learning.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    • Minimum Points Score 160
    • Min. Five O6/H7
    • English or Irish O6/H7
    • Maths F2/O6/H7
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Learning & Communication Skills  Mandatory  10  5
     Office Organisation and Management  Mandatory  10  6
     Information Technology  Mandatory  5  3
     Introduction to Sociology  Elective  5  3
     French 1  Elective  5  4
     German 1  Elective  5  4
     Spanish 1  Elective  5  4
     Irish 1  Elective  5  3
     1/2  Record Keeping (Accounts and Payroll)  Mandatory  10  6
     Text Processing  Mandatory  10  6
     Mathematics  Mandatory  5  3
     French 2  Elective  5  4
     German 2  Elective  5  4
     Spanish 2  Elective  5  4
     Irish 2  Elective  5  3
     Social Technology Project  Elective  5  3
     2/3  Business Information Systems  Mandatory  10  5
     Business Organisation and Management  Mandatory  10  6
     Advanced Text Processing  Mandatory  5  3
     French 3  Elective  5  4
     German 3  Elective  5  4
     Spanish 3  Elective  5  4
     Irish 3  Elective  5  3
     Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL)  Elective  5  3
     Civic & Community Engagement  Elective  5  3
     2/4  Marketing & Customer Relationship Management  Mandatory  10  5
     Computerised Accounts & Payroll Systems  Mandatory  10  5
     Advanced IT Applications  Mandatory  5  3
     French 4  Elective  5  4
     German 4  Elective  5  4
     Spanish 4  Elective  5  4
     Irish 4  Elective  5  3
     Personal Finance  Elective  5  3
     3/5  Professional Development  Mandatory  5  
     Work Placement  Mandatory  25  
     3/6  Interactive & Social Media Applications  Mandatory  10  5
     Managing People  Mandatory  10  5
     Public Relations & Communications  Mandatory  5  3
     Applied Marketing Management  Mandatory  5  3
    NOTE: Choose 5/10 credits from electives
    Programme Aims
    Development of the programme is underpinned by the following core concepts:
    • To equip learners with the requisite skillset to work in the private, public and community sectors as an office administrator/manager. This encompasses a broad knowledge and understanding of the processes of administrative services within organisations, incorporating facilities, equipment and supplies necessary within an administrative environment; a good knowledge and understanding of information technology systems and accounting systems.
    • Preparation for the Workplace by presenting the learner with both a learning environment and work based setting conducive to the development of administrative/management knowledge and skills required to operate at a professional and competent level. To provide the learner with practical experience to work in a real life setting thus enhancing the use of specialist knowledge in practice, recognising the reciprocal relationship between theory and practice
    • Enhancement of lifelong learning skills including personal development to contribute to civic society at large. Lifelong learning skills include the development and enhancement of a range of general transferable learning, intellectual and professional skills, which, while being highly appropriate to a career in administration, are not restricted to this. This includes the encouragement of improved self-awareness, leadership vision, positive and critical attitudes towards change and society in general.
    Follow-on courses
    • Holders of this Award are eligible to undertake the Bachelor of Arts (Hon)Administrative Management.
    • Progression to Degree programmes at other Institutes and Universities within Ireland and abroad.
    Career Opportunities
    There is a constant demand for Award holders with a high level of education and training. Graduates are usually employed with County Councils, Health Boards, VECs and private industry.
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply