• » Bachelor of Business (Hons)

    Programme Title  Bachelor of Business (Hons) 
    CAO Code  LY118
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  3 Years ab initio
    Standard Code Places:  30
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
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    Is this Course for You?
    The Bachelor of Business (Honours) is a general, Level 8, 3 year honours degree programme that equips graduates with the resources necessary to excel in today’s dynamic business environment. The programme reflects the changes in digital business and innovation and ensures that graduates develop the skills and knowledge required to enter a variety of different careers at a domestic or global business level.
    Emphasis is placed on developing graduates who are forward thinking and act as catalysts for growth in business. The programme reflects the intrinsic need to develop leaders; leaders that know how to use the functional areas of business and understand how to manage innovation and drive an organisation forward in the digital era.
    The first year of the programme focuses on developing students foundational business abilities, while the remaining two years focus on developing advanced capabilities. In addition, the third year of the programme gives flexibility to select electives in specialised areas.
    Key Features
    • Excellent academic delivery & tailored support
    • External guest speakers – both visiting academics and practitioners
    • Hands on projects
    • Work-context rich case study teaching – student-led and lecturer-led
    • Lecturer-led debates
    • Discussion groups
    • Best practice seminar series
    • Focus on reflective learning
    • Access to an extensive range of academic and practitioner material
    Minimum Entry Requirements
    • Min. Six O6/H7
    • Maths O6/H7
    • English or Irish O6/H7
    • At Least Two H5
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Learning & Communication Skills Mandatory  10  5
     Business Organisation & Management Mandatory  10  6
     Information Technology Mandatory  5  3
     Business Law Mandatory  5  3
     1/2  Accounting  Mandatory  10  6
     Business Information Systems Mandatory  10  5
     Quantitative Methods  Mandatory  5  3
     Communications & Digital Media Mandatory  5  3
     2/3  Service & Operations Management Mandatory  10  5
     Marketing Mandatory  10  5
     Organisational Behaviour Mandatory  5  3
     Human Resource Management Mandatory  5  3
     2/4  Economics Mandatory  10  5
     Cost Accounting & Finance Mandatory  10  5
     Personal & Professional Development Mandatory  5  3
     Consumer Psychology & Digital Markets Mandatory  5  3
     3/5  Digital Business Mandatory  10  5
     Global Economy & Policy Mandatory  10  5
     Project Management Elective  5  3
     Decision Making Techniques Elective  5  3
     Business Finance Elective  5  3
     International Marketing Elective  10  5
     Legal Issues – Irish & European Elective  10  5
     3/6  Strategic Management Mandatory  10  5
     Facilitating Innovation & Change Mandatory  10  5
     Supply Chain Management Elective  5  3
     Business Cases Elective  5  3
     Services Marketing Elective  5  3
     Designing Market Research Elective  5  3
     Public Sector Policy Elective  10  5
    *Choose 10 credits form elective
    Learning Outcomes
    On successful completion of the Bachelor of Business the learner will be able to:
    • Critically apply a broad and coherent knowledge of management theories, concepts and practical principles.
    • Exercise judgement to develop and recommend solutions for management tasks and problems.
    • Demonstrate strategic thinking within a business setting in order to meet stakeholders interests and objectives.
    • Examine legal and ethical considerations for management practices.
    • Obtain, analyse and interpret data to aid the managerial decision making process.
    • Operate effectively as an individual as well as a team player within a business organisation.
    • Demonstrate the ability for self-directed and independent learning from completion of various applied tasks.
    Follow-on Courses
    • MSc in Marketing Practice at LYIT
    • Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies
    • Further study at other institutes or universities
    Career Opportunities
    Due to the broad range of subjects studied throughout the programme, graduates are prepared for employment in a variety of business-related fields