• » Higher Diploma in Arts in Financial Services Technologies (IT Conversion Course)

     Programme Title  Higher Diploma in Arts in Financial Services Technologies
     (IT Conversion Course)
     CAO Code  Add-on programme. Not available via CAO
     LYIT internal code  LY_BAFST_G
     Duration  1 Year, Post Honours Degree
     Standard Code Places:  18
     National Framework Level  8
     Award Type  Major
     Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this the course for you?
    The Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies is a one-year conversion programme in technologies which are central to the financial services sector. The programme which aims to meet the needs of financial software companies was developed in collaboration with a number of key employers from the financial services industry in the region.
    The Higher Diploma develops a very employable skills set in mainframe business systems and quality testing for the financial services sector with a strong emphasis in systems development using the business language COBOL. The programme also adds a complementary future-orientated skills-set in client server business systems development, including database-driven and mobile platforms. A key feature has been the very successful employment record of graduates from the programme. The end of programme work placement makes a large contribution to significantly enhancing the employment skills of graduates.
    H Dip Financial Services Technologies
    Student Testimonials
    Richard Hastings: I found the Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies course to be comprehensive and interesting. The course enabled me to get a job as a systems tester in Pramerica Systems in Letterkenny. I have found the course as a whole very rewarding and the lecturers involved to be helpful and flexible. I would have no hesitation in recommending the course to anyone who is interested in getting a job in Pramerica or AllState or any financial services company.
    Lisa Hogan: I would highly recommend the Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies course. I came from a non-computing background with no prior knowledge in this area but the course structure and lecturers involved allowed for this. The course was well structured and the lecturers extremely helpful. The Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies course provides excellent career opportunities and has helped me secure a permanent position as an Application Programmer at General Motors in Limerick.
    Conor Carlin: Overall, I was very pleased with the course. I came with no software development or testing experience and the considerable knowledge that I gained from the course has helped me attain a permanent position as a software tester in Pramerica Systems Ireland Limited. I believe the course was very well structured for those with no prior knowledge. I found all lecturers extremely helpful and flexible to our learning needs. I would certainly recommend this course to anyone that had an interest in working in the software/financial services area.
    Shane McMenamin: I graduated in May 2008 and walked straight into the job. The material we covered on the course, including the presentation skills training was very relevant from day one in the job. Michael Carey our Course lecturer was heavily involved with us as students and really helped us to understand the course – he was brilliant.
    Felicia OkorojoiIn September 2011 Felicia Okorojoi started the Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies. The course included an internship in Pramerica and Felicia graduated in 2012. There was a seamless transition from study to work for Felicia. She finished her exams on a Friday and started work the following Monday. Within two months she was offered a permanent job. Felicia is now a Graduate Tester in the Quality Assurance department of Pramerica working on a Corporate Human Resources project.
    The programme is offered in full-time and in part-time modes on two days/evenings per week.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    Minimum requirement for entry to the Higher Diploma will be a Primary Degree (Level 8) or an equivalent qualification from any discipine.  Applicants without an honours degree but with relevant experience may also be eligible to apply.
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     5/9  Mainframe Development 1  Mandatory  10  4
     Quality – Development Requirements & Testing  Mandatory  5  2
     Client Server Databases  Mandatory  5  2
     Financial Planning & Insurance Services  Mandatory  10  1
     5/10  Mainframe Development 2  Mandatory  10  4
     Quality – Process Improvement & Test Automation  Mandatory  5  2
     Mobile Applications  Mandatory  5  2
     Teamwork  Mandatory  5  2
     Work Based Learning  Mandatory  5  39
    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this course the graduate will be able to:
    • Critically evaluate the key issues and business processes involved in the financial and insurance services sector domestically and internationally.
    • Program extensively using the business language COBOL (Common Business Oriented Language).
    • Adapt the use of mainframe utilities and their effectiveness within the COBOL programming environment, and apply the relevant tools, templates and interactive development environments to business processes.
    • Maintain, develop and test software using recognized development approaches familiar to the financial services environment.
    • Evaluate the benefits both to the employee and the organisation of the proper implementation of control systems, policies and work practices, familiar to the financial services environment.
    • Critically examine the area of client server database systems and implement a business orientated smart mobile application using a client model.
    • Critically appraise personal strengths and weaknesses, and develop people skills and team working pertinent to work practices within the financial services technology sector.
    Follow-on courses
    Progression to level 9 Programmes at LYIT other Institutes of Technology or Universities in Ireland or abroad.
    Career Opportunities
    Significant employment opportunities exist for graduates locally, nationally and internationally.  Graduates from this programme find employment in large organisations throughout the country.  The programme was originally developed by LYIT to meet the needs of financial software companies and was developed in collaboration with a number of key employers from the financial services industry in the region.  More recent graduates have found work in a variety of sectors.  Work placement is a key feature of the programme with students having the opportunity to work in Allstate and Pramerica and more recently in General Motors in Limerick and the banks in Dublin.  Michael Carey, Lecturer on the programme notes that “the course has gone from strength to strength continuously adapting to meet the needs of industry which is one of the reasons for its highly successful employment rates of our graduates”.  The class of 2015/2016 have just recently been very successful in the IBM Master the Mainframe Competition which was open to UK and Ireland students.  According to James Flynn, IBM Ireland, “Letterkenny Institute of Technology has an impressive track record in educating mainframe technologies, with 200 students, dating back to 2005, co-operating with a number of companies including IBM. Today’s mainframes are growing in popularity and require a new generation of mainframe experts….These skills are highly sought after by large scale customers within the Finance and other industry sectors”.
    This course begins in September each year and is currently recruiting for the 17th of May. Late applications may be accepted up to 6th September, however preference will be given to those submitted before 17th May. Apply: Postgraduate Programmes Application Form