• » Bachelor of Business (Hons) – Lifelong Learning

     Programme Title  Bachelor of Business (Hons) – Lifelong Learning
     CAO Code  
     LYIT internal code  LY_BBSLL_B
     Duration  3 Years*
     Standard Code Places:  20
     National Framework Level  8
     Award Type  Major
     Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    *NOTE: The length of time required to complete the degree is dependent on your entry qualifications and pace of study.
    For learners entering at  Stage 1 depending on your pace of study the programme can be completed in 3 – 3 and a half years.
    Learners who qualify for advanced entry to Stage 3 can complete the degree in 15-20 months depending on their pace of study.
    Is this Course for Me?
    This degree programme has been specifically designed to suit mature learners.  This programme gives access to lifelong learning for those who may wish to return to study but can't attend traditional full time courses.
    The part-time business degree programme will be delivered 2 evenings per week, using a number of innovative teaching methods including significant off-campus study via online and work-based learning.
    This programme is based around work and will deliver excellent qualification in Business but also a very positive and stimulating learning experience.
    This programme will equip participants with a diverse and flexible range of skills and professional competencies suited to the modern world of business and enterprise. An integral part of the programme is the focus towards applied and work based learning. This approach recognises the relationship between business theory and business practice, and enhances the use of business knowledge in practice. The programme creates an environment in which participants can engage in knowledge development based on the ‘work’ context.
    The course has two pathways to study. The first pathway starts at stage 1 in September and depending on the student’s pace of study, completing an honours degree in three – three and a half years. The second option begins at stage 3 in May and is suited to current holders of Higher Certificates in Business or Higher National Diplomas from Northern Ireland. Students who start at stage 3 can undertake their studies using work-placement and project work, and complete their degree in 15 – 20 months.

    **** Classes start for Stage 3 entrants on Monday May 22nd 2017 at 6pm ****
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    • Over 21 years by 1st of January  in the proposed year of entry and the successful completion of at least 5 subjects in the Irish Leaving Certificate (or an equivalent international exam). Maths and either English or Irish are required. 
    • Candidates who do not meet the above entry requirement may be admitted to the programme on the grounds of mature years (0ver 23 by 1st January in the proposed year of entry), if they have attained appropriate experience and attainment thresholds deemed equivalent. Such applicants will be subject to an interview process to ascertain the extent and appropriateness of prior non-accredited/accredited learning and associated communication/learning competencies. Where necessary further assessment with regard to learning and communication competencies may be required by the Learning Support Unit.
    • Experience of working within the private, public, community or voluntary sector whilst desirable is not essential.
    Experience Counts
    LYIT operates a Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPL) scheme where applicants may be considered based on relevant work and other experience, for exemptions from programme modules and advanced entry. Applicants with suitable higher academic qualifications (eg; Higher Certificates or Diplomas) may be eligible for advanced admission to stage 2 or 3 of the programme.
    What will I study?
    Stage/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of credits
     1/1  Learner Development & Study Skills  Mandatory  10
     Management Principles  Mandatory  10
     Introduction to Personal Finance  Mandatory  5
     IT Skills  Mandatory  5
     1/2  Business Accounting  Mandatory  10
     Managerial Behaviour & Effectiveness  Mandatory  10
     Economics  Mandatory  10
     2/3  Marketing: Theory & Practice  Mandatory  10
     Information Systems for Business  Mandatory  10
     Operations & Supply Chain Management  Mandatory  10
     2/4  Business Law & Regulatory Environment  Mandatory  10
     Financial Decision Making  Mandatory  10
     Ethics, Social Responsibility & Sustainable Development  Mandatory  10
     3/5  Professional Development  Mandatory  5
     Work Based Learning Placement  Mandatory  25
     3/6  Digital Enterprise for Management  Mandatory  10
     Human Resource Management  Mandatory  10
     Entrepreneurship & Innovation Management  Mandatory  10
     4/7  Business Strategy  Mandatory  10
     Going Global  Mandatory  10
     Leadership and Change  Mandatory  10
     4/8  Research Methods  Mandatory  5
     Applied Research Project  Mandatory  25
    Attendance: 2 evening per week from 6.00 pm – 9.00 pm.
    Follow-on courses
    • MSc in Marketing Practice at LYIT
    • Higher Diploma in Financial Services Technologies
    • Further study at other institutes or universities
    Career Opportunities
    Due to the broad range of subjects studied throughout the programme, graduates are prepared for employment in a variety of business-related fields.