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     Programme Title  Master of Business (Executive) in Innovation & Leadership
     CAO Code  Add-on programme. Not available via CAO
     LYIT internal code  
     Duration  2 Years Part-time
     Standard Code Places  18
     National Framework Level  9
     Award Type  Major
     Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this the course for you?
    The Master of Business in Innovation & Leadership aims to develop the leadership talent of managers and deliver significant business improvement in their participating firms. An integral part of the programme is action learning within the candidate’s own workplace. The programme aims to create an environment in which participants can engage in knowledge development based on their work context.

    The MBS (Innovation and Leadership) has a number of important factors which distinguish it from other level 9 offerings in the field:
    • It is focused on the private sector; this is particularly important in the context of the unique industrial and employment environment pertaining to the North-West region.
    • It combines a strong academic underpinning with the practical management skills required by employers.
    • The course philosophy, design and content are strongly linked to industry needs and this is evidenced in the continuing partnership approach with industry adopted in the design and running of this course. External guest presenters of national and International standing are a fundamental part of the programme
    • Action learning within the learner’s workplace will form an integral part of the programme, enhancing the use of specialist knowledge in practice, recognising the reciprocal relationship between management theory, professional practice and research.
    • It meets the demand for Masters level qualifications among industry and serves to embed leadership and innovation capacity and skills in the regional economy.
    By opting for an action learning approach, the programme creates an environment in which participants can engage in applied knowledge
    acquisition. It is essentially a practical programme with rigorous theoretical underpinnings. Graduates of the MBS (Innovation and Leadership) programme will not only have developed significant critical thinking abilities but additionally will have developed significant reflective learning based upon their own and networked experiential knowledge from the executive grouping.
    Executive Masters in Innovation & Leadership Course Brochure
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    The entry requirement is an Honours Degree, minimum of Second Class Honours, Grade 2 or equivalent and at least three years relevant experience. In exceptional circumstances, applicants not holding a degree but having significant experience as a Senior Manager will be eligible for admission to the programme.
    What will I study?
    This programme is delivered using block delivery of modules over 2 and 3 day residential sessions.  Some modules are delivered on campus in LYIT and others are delivered off-site (the location of off-site delivery will depend on where the majority of participants are from).
    YearProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of credits
     1  Managing People  Mandatory  5
     Innovation and New Product Development  Mandatory  5
     Leadership  Mandatory  10
     Managing Change  Mandatory  5
     Driving Innovation  Mandatory  10
     Action Learning Research  Mandatory  5
     2  Corporate Governance  Mandatory  5
     Knowledge Management & Learning  Mandatory  5
     Professional Development  Mandatory  5
     Dissertation  Mandatory  20
    Learning Outcomes
    On successful completion of MBS (Innovation and Leadership) programme, the learner will be able to:
    • Discuss current and emerging knowledge, theory and concepts pertaining to organisational innovation and leadership.
    • Identify current trends in developing innovative organisations and be capable of evaluating the likely impact of these on the current and emerging business environment.
    • Demonstrate an advanced use of investigative skills to conduct research and to transfer and apply diagnostic skills to improve innovation delivery practices in a complex and increasingly openly networked business environment.
    • Apply good practice approaches when taking action to resolve complex organisational challenges with respect to leading innovation and change.
    • Recommend and take action to resolve complex organizational problems.
    • Exhibit individual capacity to lead teams in initiating and taking action to resolve organisational problems.
    • Take responsibility for continuing professional development while enhancing transferable and behavioural skills such as reasoning, reflection, critical thinking, communication, self-management and independent learning. 
    • Scrutinise and reflect on social norms and relationships and act to change them.
    Student Testimonials
    Caroline Faulkner, Chief Operating Officer, Prudential Financial, USA “The most valuable aspect of how this programme is constructed, is that it remains relevant to your work environment. In that way, everything you learn and develop is towards capitalising on your own organisational opportunities. The materials have been excellent at providing practical examples of how other leading companies manage their innovation processes. There’s been a great 'sharing of ideas' amongst the participants which has created a lot of positive energy throughout the course.”
    Seamus Hannon, Sales Manager for Connacht Gold“I wanted to do a course which would help me professionally but also contribute to my personal development. I can honestly say that 2 years on, my requirements are being met by the LYIT Masters in Innovation and Leadership, and I can translate what I am learning to my every day role with Connacht Gold.   This course is tailored for people in business like me, and would be particularly of interest to people who are heading into leadership roles or managing teams.”
    Padraig O’Grady, Former Regional Director, IBEC “This unique programme has made a very significant contribution to the capacity of organisational leadership talent available in the region whose effects will be benefited from for many years to come. I have been particularly impressed with the range of external speakers engaged by LYIT in this programme, which indicates the strategic level at which this course is aimed at in industry. IBEC fully endorse this hugely positive step for leadership and innovation development in the region.”
    Follow-on courses
    Progression is possible to Research Masters and Doctoral Programmes in Institutes and Universities within Ireland and abroad.
    Career Opportunities
    Your in-depth knowledge and practical experience gained in this programme will leave you well placed in your organisation to take up positions with increased responsibility