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    The next few years look rosy for IT, according to survey

    08 Feb 2013 : A survey of EMEA enterprises has found that over the next three years, there are expectations that cloud will overtake traditional IT infrastructure, creating new roles and responsibilities as it goes. Big Data will create new winners and losers and IT will be more closely aligned than ever with the business.

    The survey carried out by EMC had 6,656 respondents from 22 countries, including Ireland. It found that 60% will change their IT function over the next 12 months, while almost half (46%) believe cloud will overtake traditional IT architectures in their organisations over the next three years. In that time, 77% believe that security and data governance will be key concerns for the business.

    Amid this transformation, almost some 60% said that they believed the move to cloud computing would create new roles and responsibilities for IT staff.

    In Ireland, the survey shows that 65% of businesses believe they will need to create new roles such as cloud architects to transform their IT infrastructure, while half of companies believe Big Data will prompt a need for data scientists.
    "Businesses surveyed across the region are actively targeting growth and are increasingly using their IT function to enable this," said Adrian McDonald, EMEA president, EMC. "Where once IT was a cost centre, it is now becoming a strategic profit centre."

    "As more Irish companies tune into cloud, big data and IT security, they are discovering how IT can help them to slash costs, monetise growing data volumes, and guard their information against sophisticated cyber adversaries," said Jason Ward, country manager, EMC Ireland.