• » Leap in numbers of graduates getting work straight out of college


    There has been an increase in the number of Irish graduates gaining work straight out of college.

    The Higher Education Authority (HEA) said 58% of those with an honours degree went straight into full-time work in 2014.

    That's up from 51% the previous year, and 45% in 2009. Starting salaries have also climbed slightly, with 51% earning more than €25,000 year..

    The body said studying to be a teacher or to work in IT will offer you the best chance of a job. Computer science students are most likely to earn most after graduation

    Computer science and information and communications technology (ICT) honours bachelor degree graduates were the highest earners, with 62% earning €29,000 or more.

    Next on the list were engineers, health and welfare graduates and agriculture and veterinary graduates.

    Arts and humanities graduates earned the least, with one in four earning less than €13,000.

    The HEA also found fewer college graduates are emigrating, though one in 10 are still leaving the country after graduation.

    CEO of the HEA Tom Boland said: "Graduate employment levels for honours graduates is back at 2006 levels. That trend is very strong, and very positive."