• » certain conditions

    It is possible for you to change course at the end of first year on three conditions:

    • You would have qualified for a place on the destination course anyway. This will be automatic for mature students but if you applied based on academic entry points you will need to check the number of points you have and the number of points that would have been required to get into first year of the destination course.
    • You pass your first year modules for both semesters of the original course by September of the year you want to change course.
    • You may or may not be required to do some make-up course work (CA) for the destination course over the summer.  If you are asked to do extra CA and it is of a satisfactory standard you will be allowed to transfer.  The purpose of doing this extra course work is to fill in any specialist knowledge gaps and ensure that you are equipped to complete any follow on modules of the destination course.