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Shaun McBrearty

From 2008 to 2012 I studied the Bachelor of Science (Honours Degree) In Applied Computing at LYIT.

Before embarking on the course, I always had an interest in the area of computing; however I was not sure of the exact field of computing which I wanted to specialise in. I chose to study on the B.Sc. (Honours) in Applied Computing as the course appeared to fit my situation perfectly.

The course covers a broad range of topics in several different areas of computing. Primarily, the course focusses on teaching students the art of computer programming (across multiple programming languages, and multiple platforms/devices); however several other areas of computing are covered in detail throughout, such as database design and administration, computer network design and administration, software analysis and design, website design and development, as well as project management. The course equipped me with an excellent theoretical, as well as practical knowledge of all the topics covered.

I am currently studying for my M.Sc. at LYIT on a part-time basis, and as an industry practitioner looking in on the Applied Computing course, it is evident that the course is constantly being updated on a year-to-year basis to ensure that its students are being taught how to use the latest technologies to ensure that they graduate with the exact skillset required by the computing industry.

The quality of teaching at LYIT is second to none.  The lecturers that I encountered as part of my studies in the college have an obvious passion for the subjects which they are teaching. I personally believe that computing is a topic which requires high-quality teaching skills as a number of computing topics can be quite difficult to understand; however this is area which LYIT has covered. I can recall on numerous occasions approaching lecturers with questions about difficult to understand concepts only to walk away minutes later with a clear and concise understanding of the same concept.

The attitude of the lecturers in the computing department at LYIT is also first class, and it is something which I consider to be quite unique about the college. I have a number of friends who have studied in various other third level institutions throughout Ireland and the UK and many of them have mentioned that they regularly encountered lecturers who fail to make themselves available to communicate with students outside of time-tabled teaching hours, as well as refusing to offer assistance to students who are struggling with certain topics. LYIT could not be further from this. In my experience the teaching staff of the computing department at LYIT are beyond helpful. Their doors are always open. They are easy to approach, and they are easy to talk to. The helpfulness of the lecturing staff does not stop either once a student graduates from the college. I am aware of a number of occasions (including three such instances in my own experience) whereby the teaching staff of the college have contacted graduates of the college with job vacancies which they may be suited to.

In terms of my own employment, I immediately began working (once I had completed my final year exams) on the development of a synchronised point-of-sale software (and e-commerce website) for a small business in Northern Ireland. I developed this software on a part-time basis between 2012 and 2013 whilst studying for my M.Sc. (also part-time) at LYIT. This employment opportunity was facilitated by a member of staff of the Computing department.

At the moment I am currently employed by Woodland NI Ltd in Rasharkin, Co. Antrim as a Systems Integrator on a FUSION Project (in partnership with LYIT).  My role is focussed on designing, procuring and installing an ERP software solution which has the ability to integrate with the existing manufacturing software and machinery currently in use by the company.

In the two jobs which I have worked since I finished my studies at LYIT, I can honestly say that I have put in to practice every aspect covered as part of the Bachelor of Science (Honours) Degree in Applied Computing at LYIT. As part of my day-to-day job, I constantly find myself returning to my old lecture notes for assistance.

Danny Mc Fadden Computing

DannyWhen I began my studies in Letterkenny I specialised in networking. I finished my studies with a Degree in Applied Computing achieving honours each year, graduating in the summer 2003. During my final year I set up a limited company specialising in computer networks. I worked part-time for the company, and on completing my education, became full-time. Over a short period I built up a portfolio of valued customers which were quite varied and often posed unique and challenging problems.

My ability to progress in the computing business world was in no small part due to the education I received over my four years at LYIT. The lecturers at all times were helpful and more than willing to assist in any way they could, and this ethos was evident throughout the college from computer technicians to administration staff.

In 2007 I began work in North West Electronics with  the emerging rollout of the broadband infrastructure in the North-West. As IT Manager I oversaw the continuous upgrade and roll out of a network covering the top half of Ireland. Initially starting with 3 telecom sites we grew the company to over 180 sites, and the network from 2Mbps in 2007 to dual 10Gbps in 2014 with multi head BGP networks to the internet, Ripe allocations and full Cisco MPLS networks supporting carrier over carrier.

In Summer 2014 I relocated to Cambridge UK to work for the British Antarctic Survey, and in October I travelled to the Antarctic for 18 months as Communications Manager for the capital of the British Antarctic Territories. This will involve maintaining Iridium communication systems, VSAT links, copper, fibre and wifi networks, multiple HF / MF / VHF radio and antenna systems, aeronautical navigational aids such as non directional beacon, which I will be upgrading onsite. Temperatures and conditions will make certain tasks more difficult than in Irish climates, but I expect that the solid training I received during my time in LYIT will assist in this antarctic –40 degree celsius deployment.

Damien McCallion

Following my graduation from LYIT I worked in the former North Western Health Board as a programmer/analyst for a number of years. I subsequently moved to the UK where I spent ten years with British Airways (BA) in their Information Management (IM) division. I gradually moved through the organisation working with Human Resources and Finance before taking on a position as the Information Management manager for Sales & Marketing Systems.

I returned to Ireland in 1999 to take on a programme manager role in the health service on the PPARS project, a challenging role! In 2002 I moved to the North Western Health Board as Director of Information Systems with responsibility for all the information systems in the NWHB and am today part of the ICT management team in the Health Service Executive.

I enjoyed my time in LYIT. Indeed many of our group keep in touch and at a recent reunion in 2005 practically the entire class returned. For me some of the advantages at that time were the friendly environment and the opportunity to take a course while pondering what direction I wanted to take. I was not one of those people who knew what they wanted to do at eighteen years of age! Having recently completed an MSc with LYIT I have been very impressed with how the college has maintained its' intimacy while developing the range of courses on offer to students.

Julieanne Boyle

I began my studies in Letterkenny in 2001 and I qualified with a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Applied Computing in 2005. I was always interested in computers but there are so many different types of specialties in this area, I was unsure which would suit me best, but with the encouragement and advice from the lecturing staff I choose to specialize in Commercial Computing. I liked the subjects this course had to offer and also the job opportunities within this area.

I found my time in LYIT to be challenging but with hard work and dedication, it proved to be very rewarding. The course is well designed and covers a wide spectrum of subjects, which prepared me well for the work place and the also the facilities in the college are second to none. As part of the degree, we had to design our own computer system, which was a brilliant way to build your confidence and get used to programming under a deadline.

I am currently employed in Pramerica Systems Ireland, a company that is located in Letterkenny. For me this was the ultimate reward to find employment within the northwest. I work as part of dynamic team in the QA department. I find my job to be very satisfying, every day it brings new challenges and opportunities and I have been able to put the skills I obtained from college into practice.

I would highly recommend the computing course at LYIT as it offers students many opportunities in the IT sector here in Donegal and also further a field. LYIT has a great culture and atmosphere; the lecturers are absolutely brilliant, very supportive and easy to talk to. That definitely helps you when you're learning, you're not afraid to ask questions or ask for help. The lecturers definitely steered me in the right direction. I suppose too, they helped us to develop our ideas and think for ourselves. The social life in Letterkenny is really good. The Students Union has tons of things to do and join; it's very proactive (and lively). I studied hard but I had great craic as well!

 Tony Hearty

I am a 2004 graduate from LYIT where I completed my studies in Computing and obtained an Honours Bachelor of Science Degree in Applied Computing. From 2004 to 2006 I was employed with an international company called "Riso Kagaku Corporation" in Tokyo as a software development engineer. This company is not known in Ireland, however they are one of the biggest manufacturers of high speed colour printers in Japan, the US and Australia. In 2006 I moved to Bank of America Merrill Lynch Japan Securities.   I am currently the Assistant Vice President - Production Support Engineer and I am responsible for ensuring the smooth operation of the production plant.

I owe my current situation to LYIT. I honestly believe had I gone elsewhere to study, I would not be where I am today. The staff within the college academic, technical and administrative were extremely helpful at all times throughout the course of my studies there. The encouragement and support I received from them gave me the incentive to further my studies and also pursue goals which I thought were out of reach. They were extremely approachable and always gave their time when I needed it.

At present I am studying for the Microsoft Certified exams as well as the Japanese Language Proficiency exams, which I hope will benefit me in the future.

For four years, my time in Letterkenny gave me a great social life spent in an excellent learning environment. For anyone interested in furthering his or her education, I could recommend no place other than Letterkenny I.T.

Michael Creamer

I studied Computing at Letterkenny IT many years ago (Commenced the course in 1994 and finished in 1998). I found this to be a very beneficial choice for me as I was more suited to the technical aspect of computing. Looking back on this decision I believe it was the right one for me as it was definitely in line with the career path I ended up taking. 

I really enjoyed the course and found the staff within the college friendly, helpful and the town itself was a good place to be with a good social life. For anyone into sports then LYIT has ample facilities and a good network of experience there to keep you involved when you're not studying. 

I believe gaining these qualifications in LYIT, coupled with the right work experience gave me the stepping stone that I needed to kick start my career. . I am currently based with Yahoo Inc., working as their Ireland Datacenter Operations manager, a role that I very much enjoy. 

Neil Brennan

As a mature student, returning to college was a daunting prospect, especially in the area of computing. The friendly and welcoming atmosphere in LYIT made me feel at home from the very beginning. Technology, and all aspects of it, is the present and will be the future. It is imperative that we embrace it and become more au fait with it.

My four years at LYIT introduced me to various computing languages, security issues in computing and completely new technologies, all of which have enabled me to obtain a position as a Graduate Developer in Software Quality Assurance with a major local employer.  It has opened the door to a new and exciting career.  I can recommend this course to you and know that you will enjoy your time spent studying computing at Letterkenny IT.

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