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    Company Testimonial
    Silver Lining Cloud Consulting is a high-tech company based in Letterkenny that through consultancy helps companies move to the cloud. We specialise in building large scale cloud systems and automation systems for global partners. In the next 2 years we hope to have 10 Cloud Architects employed fulltime across all major cloud providers like AWS, Google, Azure and IBM.

    Currently, we have 7 students working part-time delivering a product MVP in an Agile development environment. In the medium term, we aim to take on a number students on full-time in June once they finish college and are entering the workforce.

    We feel incredibly lucky to be able to work with the Computing Department here in Letterkenny IT in a way that works well for the department, the students and ourselves. The caliber of students we have met is such a high level that we would love to have taken on everyone we spoke with. From the attendance at the first guest lecture the department organised for us to the work being completed now, the enthusiasm, skill and initiative of the students is very clear.

    I have to give a huge amount of credit to the department and the college for preparing the students so well for industry, in particular in terms of qualifications. They also deserve great appreciation for facilitating the lectures and meetings for companies to talk to the students. Having the opportunity to work with so many highly skilled people and with the college being so helpful in working with companies like ourselves gives us huge confidence in our ability to meet our goals. We are aiming to build a world renowned, cloud company in Donegal and provide as many opportunities for people in the local area as possible. The Computing Department and its team along with the students are helping us deliver on that vision.
    LYIT Computer Dept says big thanks to Yahoo
    Once again Yahoo Inc has donated substantial server equipment to Letterkenny IT. The equipment will enable students to access servers to give them hands-on industry experience. It was delivered on 2 pallets to The Computing Departments state of the art Cloud Data Centre (CDC) at Letterkenny IT from Yahoo Inc in September 2014. This is the second substantial donation of data centre equipment from the company in 2 years. The equipment will be used the support the Cloud and Green IT Degree in Particular.
    Thomas Dowling, Head of Department of Computing at LYIT, welcomed the Yahoo donation, "We'd like to thank Yahoo for their generous donation and we will continue to partner with them in the future. As part of this relationship a number of our graduates are now working with Yahoo."
    a spokesperson from Yahoo said, "We are delighted that our servers can be used to replicate the work place for students who are studying in this field. We have a long standing relationship with LYIT and are impressed by the calibre and work readiness of its graduates."‌
    The CDC is a teaching and research data centre run by the Computing Department which replicates the work environment and offers hands-on learning for students. It is used by undergraduates on the Cloud and Green IT Degree and by postgraduate students, in addition to being a home for research projects in smart grid, software development and security with both indigenous companies and international partners.ly718_img1
    A recent study for Microsoft expects Ireland to create over 8,600 new jobs in this area in the next few years. IDA Ireland's Horizon 2020 report has also identified this area as one of the technology trends driving growth in the IT sector. Indeed Yahoo donated equipment and assistance to help build our Cloud Centre to support this course.
    In addition, Ireland is the worlds’ largest exporter of Computer Software. This means that there are excellent opportunities for finding well-paid employment when you graduate. Additionally, because computers are used in almost every area of modern life, the range of opportunities and types of jobs which are open to computing graduates means that the chances of having a career you enjoy are excellent.
    This programme will provide students with the range of both theoretical and practical skills required for them to participate fully in the rapidly growing computing industry. The broad ethos of the course is to provide a strong core set of competencies in general computing with a set of specialist skills in Cloud and Green IT.
    These skills are typically required in companies such as Yahoo and Google but are rapidly becoming much more widely used across the IT industry. The specialism in the course is directed at enterprises who have an interest in supplying services via the cloud and enterprises utilizing large data centers.
    These enterprises require personnel to support at a technical level their hardware and software infrastructure while also taking into account environmental issues.
    The students will need the technical and software development skills required for enterprise development and an understanding of the environmental and economic issues surrounding cloud based services.
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Operating Systems I Mandatory  5  4
     Mathematics for Computing Mandatory  5  4
     Introduction to Object Oriented Programming I Mandatory  10  8
     Personal & Professional Development Mandatory  5  4
     Student Development Mandatory  5  4
     1/2  Computer Architecture Mandatory  5  4
     Problem Solving with Robotics Mandatory  5  4
     Introduction to Object Oriented Programming II Mandatory  10  8
     Cloud and Green Computing Mandatory  10  8
     2/3  Operating Systems II Mandatory  5  4
     Mathematics for Computer Graphics Mandatory  5  4
     Object Oriented Programming Mandatory  10  7
     Network Technologies Mandatory  10  7
     2/4  Object Oriented GUI Programming Mandatory  5  4
     Virtualisation for Green IT Mandatory  5  4
     Database Technology Mandatory  10  7
     Systems Administration for Virtual Environments Mandatory  10  7
     3/5  Software Implementation Mandatory  5  4
     Technical Writing Mandatory  5  4
     Object Oriented Systems Analysis & Design Mandatory  10  6
     Security & the Cloud Mandatory  10  6
     3/6  Algorithms & Data Structures Mandatory  5  4
     Client-Server Database Architecture Mandatory  5  4
     Team Project Mandatory  10  6
     Green/Cloud Services Technology Management Mandatory  10  6
     3/7(s)  Certificate in Industry Studies Elective  15  Summer Period
     4/7  Cloud Planning & Design Mandatory  5  3
      Project Preparation Mandatory  5  3
     Software Engineering Mandatory  10  6
     Enterprise Services Development Mandatory  10  6
     4/8  Legal, Ethical & Social Issues in Computing Mandatory  5  3
     Green Data Centre Design Mandatory  5  3
     Development Project Mandatory  10  6
     Management Operations in Green/Cloud Environments Mandatory  10  6
    Learning Outcomes

    On completion of the course the graduate will be able to:

    • Demonstrate an in-depth knowledge and understanding of computing principles and concepts and of Cloud and Green IT in particular.
    • Demonstrate a capacity for critical reflection and analysis in respect of a wide range of computing related technologies and their application with emphasis on Cloud and Green technologies.
    • Evaluate, synthesize and discuss the development and application of computing technologies  in a structured, reasoned and coherent way
    • Evaluate the application of computing technologies in its economic, legal, social and ethical context.
    • Work effectively as an autonomous individual or as part of a team.
    Follow-on Courses
    Progression to programmes leading to Master’s Degree (by research) or a Doctoral Degree (by research), are available internally at LYIT or through a range of other Institutes of Technology and Universities in Ireland and abroad. There are also a wide range of opportunities to progress to a taught master’s programme.
    Progression internationally to some second cycle (e.g. 'Bologna Masters') degree programmes is possible.
    Career Opportunities in IT
    Current forecasts about the future of the computing industry in Ireland are excellent. It is projected that students who enter third level colleges this year are likely to find there are more professional computing jobs available when they graduate than there are computing graduates to fill them. 
    During the past decade, Ireland has gained increasing recognition as Europe’s premier location for software development. Since the 1980s, most leading US software vendors, including Microsoft, Oracle, Google, Facebook and Symantec, have based their European operations centres in Ireland. The country has also become the number one site for software development in Europe. All the big players such as Microsoft, Google, EBay, Symantec and Amazon are now based in Ireland.
    Alongside the big international players Ireland also has a thriving software development industry that has been created in Ireland by Irish computer graduates. It comprises of over 600 companies, about 250 of which have significant levels of overseas sales. Ireland has now overtaken the USA as the biggest exporter of software in the world. 60% of all software sold in Europe originates in Ireland.
    In addition to the national demand for computing graduates there are several large computing companies in the Northwest such as Pramerica which is based in Letterkenny, Northbrook which has operations in Derry and Strabane and SITA which is owned by the air transport industry and has recently announced a major jobs expansion.
    Career Opportunities in Cloud and Green IT
    So what about jobs in the Cloud and Green IT sector? An economic impact study prepared for Microsoft by Goodbody Economic Consultants indicate that Ireland can expect to create 8,600 new technology jobs in this area in the next few years.  There are several other reports available on the web which support this assessment.
    According to IDA Ireland - “Cloud Computing has been identified as a major economic opportunity for Ireland which can create jobs and drive competitiveness. IDA Ireland had identified Cloud Computing as one of the key technology trends in its recently published strategy document Horizon 2020. Microsoft recently published an economic impact report which showed that if Ireland embraces Cloud Computing rapidly, it can capture a disproportionate share of the market which is estimated to be worth €70 billion by 2014.”
    Barry O’Dowd, Head of Emerging Technologies, IDA Ireland has said, “Ireland is poised to become a global cloud centre of excellence due to our winning combination of talent, track record, tax regime and technology along with a significant software economy. Ireland is an ideal fit for the data centre requirements of Foreign Direct Investors and we are already the European data centre location of choice for world leaders including IBM, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, MSN and Adobe. IDA Ireland looks forward to partnering with new companies in the cloud space in order to help them find cost-effective and efficient solutions for all their cloud computing needs.’’
    So what kind of job would you like to do? Design and develop cloud based services, work in medium and large scale enterprises, be a green data center manager, be a senior cloud services technician, design a green exascale data center, work for Yahoo for example. All of these careers are open to our computing graduates; it's your choice.
    For a more detailed information on careers in Cloud and Green IT Click here
    For an idea of what computing might look like in the future see the following video by Microsoft on YouTube: Microsoft Future of Computing or see Microsoft's Future Vision 2019 You can be part of it.For independent information on employment and salaries in the IT industry see the following report which covers 2010-2011: Jobs and Salaries in IT. For the latest update on employment in the IT Sector see 2,500 Unfilled Jobs in Irish Tech Sector.
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