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Aoife Sweeney

While struggling to gain employment on my return to Ireland, it became clear that I would need to up-skill in order to re-enter the job market.

I was made aware of the conversion Higher Diploma in Science in Computing at LYIT. 

Although the course was challenging, it provided the necessary skills to enable me to re-establish myself in the workforce again. The task of the lecturers was challenging because of the intensity of the course, but their industry and support provided the foundation and ability to enable us to achieve our goal.

The completion of the course resulted in a position of employment for many of us participating in the course. In my own case, employment commenced immediately afterwards. I am currently in a graduate development role. I would like to express my thanks to the staff for their endeavours throughout the course.

Max Byrne

I was having difficulty getting a job locally in my original area of Life Science.  My wife suggested I try a Higher Diploma Degree Conversion in Science in Computing at LYIT, as I have always had an above average interest in computers.  I found the course very rewarding and the programming and databases knowledge I gained directly resulted in me gaining employment locally.  

I now work for a small company as a Software Developer in the most rewarding job I have ever had.  I look forward to Monday morning!  I mostly work in .Net and the object orientated programming language skills I learned on the course were easily applied.

The course is intense and moves fast, but you get back what you put in.  If you do the homework and stay engaged, the lecturers and extremely helpful.  I fully recommend the course to anybody who has an interest in Computer Science to go for it.  It helped change my life.

Sally O'Meara

My name is Sally O’Meara and I have just completed the Conversion Higher Diploma in Computing in Letterkenny Institute of Technology. After working in the financial service for over 5 years I moved home to Donegal from Dublin in 2006 with my husband. I then took some time out from my career to see some of the world and subsequently to start a family. On my return, I found it difficult to find work in the finance industry and decided that I needed to upskill. I attended the LYIT open day held in August 2013. On arrival, I found the positive attitude and welcome received from staff so encouraging and inspiring. After some positive advice I immediately applied to the Higher Diploma in Computing Science as I wanted to add IT knowledge to my existing Business qualifications.

I quickly gained employment with a multinational company in Letterkenny, even before completing my studies. I attribute this upturn in my professional career to the dedication and support of the LYIT teaching and support staff and to the support and belief that they instilled in me. The dedication, encouragement and professionalism that the college’s lecturers show on a daily basis is truly amazing.  I entered LYIT with a positive attitude towards gaining employment and left with not only a career but also with a renewed confidence in myself and my abilities for which I am truly grateful.

Anne McDaid

I completed the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing in 2010 so I was involved in the inaugural year of the Diploma.  My reason for choosing this course was that I had limited experience in working with computers (databases etc.) but also have a Masters in Computing and Information Systems which I achieved in 1998.  I was on a career break to raise my children when I completed the MSc and never used it so when the time came to launch back into paid employment I felt the need to update my skills and qualifications.  I found the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing perfectly matched my needs as it is a one year full time course with a substantial level 8 award at the end. More to the point it is dynamic and provides the skills employers currently need. 

This course is intensive and full on from the start and needs a great deal of project work outside of lecture times but since it is aimed at students who do not have IT qualifications it is designed to be achievable.  I found all the staff very approachable and helpful at all times and for the most part I really enjoyed all aspects of the Higher Diploma. 

I started a job within months of graduation that used my newly honed skills and felt that the course had equipped me well to progress in the industry. I have since moved to another (better) job, this time in Software Testing.  It is no coincidence that two good jobs were within my reach following the completion of the course, it has opened doors very quickly.  I know that a number of my class mates have achieved jobs they enjoy too. I would say, if you are interested in a career in the IT industry and are prepared to put in the hours to achieve your aim then this course could be ideal. 

Eoin Ormond

With the downturn in the economy I looked for a skills orientated course which could give me a rewarding and secure career. What attracted me to the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing at LYIT was that it had been designed in conjunction with local IT companies to provide graduates from other backgrounds with the skills necessary to gain an entry level graduate position in the IT sector.

While the course was intensive, the lectures and tutorials were prepared with the assumption that all students had no prior background in Information Technology. The lecturers showed great patience throughout the course, always welcoming and encouraging all of our questions.

The main aspect of the course which I enjoyed was the hands on approach which allowed students to learn important skills through the completion of tutorial tasks. The backbone of the course is java computer programming which is introduced in the first semester and then built on in second semester so as to provide students with a decent grounding in object orientated programming and testing. In addition to this students are given a solid introduction to databases through the development of their own database and an intensive introduction to web design through the development of their own website. I have found these modules of the course, in particular, to be of great benefit to me in my day to day work since graduating. 

I have been working as software developer since completing the course.  I really enjoy my job and I am sincerely grateful to the lecturers of this course for providing me with the skills necessary to start this new and rewarding career.

Daniel McNulty                                               

My name is Daniel McNulty and I am a recent graduate of LYIT, where I successfully completed the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing. I was enrolled in this postgraduate course for the 2012/2013 academic year, having previously obtained an Honours Degree in Engineering.

Following the completion of my Honours Degree I, like many others, bore witness to the dramatic downturn in the Irish economy and in the construction/engineering sector in particular. After some consideration, I realised that this was the perfect time to further invest in my education. As I was investigating the various masters and postgraduate courses on offer, the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing at LYIT stood out to me. I was already aware that I had an interest in all things technology, while also being conscious of the fact that there were great job opportunities in the IT sector in Ireland, and indeed in the north-west. So I applied for the course.

This was an Honours Degree level (Level 8) intensive one year course, and one that I knew would be awash with learning new methodologies and developing new skills. And it was. The course was fast-paced and stimulating, with a wealth of new information and concepts to learn. The number of in-class tuition hours each week was very reasonable, and this allowed plenty of spare time for completing assignments, personal study, or even to hold down a part-time job. All of my lecturers had a wealth of industry experience between them, and were all very helpful and supportive throughout the year.

I completed my final exams at the end of May, and as the job-hunting began, it became clear just how many job opportunities were available for computing graduates within Ireland. After applying for a number of positions in various locations and being invited to numerous interviews, it was only a matter of weeks before I was called for an interview with Pramerica Systems Ireland Ltd, in Letterkenny. The interview went well, and I was lucky enough to secure a Graduate role in the company. I now have a great job, working as a Quality Assurance Tester, with excellent career progression opportunities.

In short, the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing was a very interesting and worth-while course, and one which I highly recommend. It augmented my existing skill set and provided me with new skills, to enable me to pursue a career in the commercial IT industry. As a parting word, this course is also available to Springboard applicants, and would be seriously worth considering for anybody thinking about getting back to education.  

Stephen Glackin

Having completed both a Certificate and Diploma (Civil Engineering) in Letterkenny IT back in 1996 -1999 I obtained a First Class Honours Degree from a University in Scotland in 2001. Even back then it was evident that the facilities and lecturing staff within Letterkenny IT were second to none. 

On completion of my Degree I worked in both the Public and Private Sector. In 2012 I decided to diversify into computing after an initial introduction to web design.

I commenced the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing Conversion Course in 2012/2013. The IT itself has changed dramatically in the years since I commenced my Certificate in Engineering back in 1996, the facilities which are available to today’s students are truly amazing, the number of courses has also increased and there is a  marked increase in the number of mature students  walking the hallways of the Institute, which is also great to see!

The one aspect which hasn’t changed within the IT is the lecturer’s dedication to creating a great teaching environment, along with the great camaraderie you get with your fellow students. Although hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Higher Diploma Course and successfully received a First Class Honours in 2013. Since, then I have returned to the Institute and am now in the process of studying for an Master of Science in Systems and Software Security via Springboard. I feel that my prospects of gaining employment have increased significantly and am confident that these courses will assist me in finding a position within the IT Sector.

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