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Fergal Coll

A central aspect to the ethos of LYIT which attracted me to their campus is a dedication and focus upon those skills which are of most benefit to society regardless of the course taken. Although the field of computer security was known about for quite some time, its relevance in today's contemporary society rose to the forefront of many political, industrial and domestic affairs due mainly to the increasing sophistication and frequency of attacks from what would commonly be know as 'hackers'. Simultaneously with my graduation with an BSc (Hons) in 2011, my career began with the Cyber Security team in Pramerica. It was clear that my academic foundation provided training and in-depth background knowledge that dovetailed with the needs of this team and as a result, I was able to make significant improvements to process, testing and compliance methodologies. The current threat landscape is vast and my role requires that I am aware of the scale and variety of potential threats against a large scale multi-national trillion dollar corporation where the potential for reputational and subsequent financial damage is the primary concern. My awareness of this concern led to my subsequent enrollment in the MSc programme in Systems and Software Security to ensure that I was better prepared, more fully informed and expertly trained by leading figures in their field. The nature of the course ensured that my skills as a cyber security professional were considerably enhanced and allowed me to conduct research into an augmented penetration testing framework for mobile devices on 802.11 ac wireless networks which was instrumental in my winning postgraduate of the year. My journey as a cyber security professional is not over and continuing training and development are necessary parts of the workplace. LYIT has been enormously beneficial for me and has enabled me to develop a successful career and or that I am very grateful. I would certainly recommend any potential student to give LYIT serious consideration as an academic institute.

James O'Meara

"My name is James O'Meara, I am 42 years old and I am currently studying for an MSc in Systems and software Security at LYIT. I achieved my BSc in Computer Science the long way via Cert, Diploma and Degree through three Irish colleges in three Irish Cities. I worked for 11 years in a large Irish Investment Bank before moving to Falcarragh in 2007 where I setup and ran my own IT consultancy business.

Recently I decided my career and my knowledge needed an upgrade and a reboot. Together with my wife, we attended a Springboard open Day in LYIT and were immediately impressed by the opportunities available therein. While I was accepted for the MSc in Systems and Software Security, my wife was accepted for a conversion style Higher Diploma in Computing and we have not looked back since. Together, we have found that the quality of the facilities and the lecturing staff to be of an exceptional standard. But above all we have enjoyed the positivity and support we have received from the staff and students of LYIT while we continue our respective studies and raise our two young children.

I truly believe that I have chosen an enjoyable and great Master's Degree. While it is a relatively new discipline in academic circles the course content, the knowledge of the lecturers and their ability to impart their knowledge outstanding. I have already gained a job offer here in Letterkenny for when I finish my studies in June of this year.

Stephen Glackin

Having completed both a Certificate and Diploma (Civil Engineering) in Letterkenny IT back in 1996 -1999 I obtained a First Class Honours Degree from a University in Scotland in 2001. Even back then it was evident that the facilities and lecturing staff within Letterkenny IT were second to none. 

On completion of my Degree I worked in both the Public and Private Sector. In 2012 I decided to diversify into computing after an initial introduction to web design.

I commenced the Higher Diploma in Science in Computing Conversion Course in 2012/2013. The IT itself has changed dramatically in the years since I commenced my Certificate in Engineering back in 1996, the facilities which are available to today’s students are truly amazing, the number of courses has also increased and there is a  marked increase in the number of mature students  walking the hallways of the Institute, which is also great to see!

The one aspect which hasn’t changed within the IT is the lecturer’s dedication to creating a great teaching environment, along with the great camaraderie you get with your fellow students. Although hard work, I thoroughly enjoyed completing the Higher Diploma Course and successfully received a First Class Honours in 2013. Since, then I have returned to the Institute and am now in the process of studying for an Master of Science in Systems and Software Security via Springboard. I feel that my prospects of gaining employment have increased significantly and am confident that these courses will assist me in finding a position within the IT Sector.

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