• » Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion with Promotion

    Programme Title  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Fashion with Promotion
    CAO Code  Add-on programme, not available via CAO
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  1 year. Advanced entry into Year 4
    Standard Code Places:  20
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this Programme for Me?
    This one-year add-on Level 8 programme is designed to allow you to specialise in your chosen area of Fashion or Fashion Promotion. This one-year add-on Level 8 programme is designed to allow the student to specialise in their chosen area of fashion and or fashion promotion. This year is designed to allow the student to gain knowledge and experience while affording them the time and space needed to hone their craft and produce their own niche collection supported by a cohesive promotional campaign.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    The programme is offered in full-time mode for one year. Applicants must have a relevant Level 7 award with 180 ECTS credits and appropriate learning outcomes in Fashion or a related area. Equivalent qualifications will be considered.
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     4/7  Design Development Mandatory  10  6
     Personal Promotion Mandatory  5  3
     Fashion Entrepreneur Mandatory  5  3
     Dissertation Mandatory  10  2
     4/8  Final Collection Mandatory  20  8
     Creative Promotional Campaign Mandatory  5  3
     Product Management Mandatory  5  3
    Learning Outcomes
    Having successfully completed this programme graduates will be able to:
    • Integrate a range of concepts from within fashion related areas and present an insightful body of work relevant to practitioners through own practice
    • Discuss and critique the aesthetical, technical, historical and cultural factors pertaining to fashion and/or  its promotion
    • Apply creative and professional techniques, skills and development relevant to fashion design or fashion promotion
    • Articulate reasoned critiques, evaluations and respond with informed judgment and direction
    • Devise complex ideas, drive research to inform sustained development of design concepts and refine own work to meet design intentions and functional requirements for potential clients, audience and end users within an identified time-frame.
    • Work effectively with others in generating, developing and communicating ideas within a variety of different relationships or groups structures
    • Apply effective sustained research, critical thinking and design process to provide pertinent responses to various situations and contexts.
    • Present the relevance and role of fashion and its promotion in wider culture and the skills required to empathise and evaluate their work in relation to other practitioners.
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    On successful completion of this programme, students may apply to progress to Post Graduate and Masters programmes at LYIT or at Institutes / Universities across Ireland and abroad.
    Career Opportunities
    Graduates from this programme are multi-skilled and may find employment with fashion design companies, small creative enterprises or freelance. Talented designers have excellent career prospects in this exciting industry.
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply