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    Programme Title  Bachelor of Science in Culinary Science  - Food Technology
    CAO Code  LY337
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  3 years (1 semester common entry and 2.5 years specialisation)
    Standard Code Places:  26
    National Framework Level  7
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this Programme for Me?
    The Culinary Science courses have been designed to provide you with the culinary and scientific skills to thrive in the food industry. It has strong scientific and culinary focuses with teaching in our purpose-built Food Science and Innovation Suite, across our professionally designed kitchens and within our higher education campuses in Letterkenny and Killybegs.
    The course has been designed with employability and creativity in mind, by working with leaders within the food development, food service and food science industries. Our professional links will enable you to work closely with industry, to gain valuable real-life experience and to forge connections and contacts that could stay with you for your whole career.
    You will be exposed to working with not only multi-national organisations, but also local and national companies focusing on specialist products and niche markets. Additionally, our dedicated employability centre has a broad database and connections with restaurants, hotels and food chains on a global scale, at all entry levels.
    The three years of the programme provide students with practical skills in kitchens in Killybegs and food science and nutrition in our labs in Letterkenny. The programme encourages the development of in-depth theoretical, academic knowledge and understanding of the food science and culinary arts. The kitchen skills focus on professional cookery whereas the science focuses towards food research and experimentation. A Development Chef is a highly skilled specialised individual who uses culinary skills and scientific knowledge to create unique food products.
    Why should I choose this course?
    • You will enhance your culinary ability and scientific acumen and increase your awareness of industry practices.
    • You will look at bringing classical cuisine into the modern arena, looking into the science behind your senses and applying your findings to the industry.
    • You will be a well-rounded, competent and employable individual able to adapt to new surroundings and challenging opportunities.
    • You will get the chance to work in our new Food Science and Innovation Suite, which features the latest food testing and diagnostic technology alongside state-of-the-art kitchen facilities.
    • We have fantastic links with a variety of food industries, which means a wealth of opportunities with regards to guest lecturers, industry research and work opportunities.
    What will I have to study?
    Year/SemesterProposed Modules,
    subject to approval
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/2  Garde-Manger and Culinary Techniques   Mandatory  10  8
     Human Nutrition Mandatory  5  3
     ITC and Descriptive Statistics Mandatory  5  4
     Fundamentals of Food Science – Chemistry Mandatory  5  5*
     Fundamentals of Food Science – Physics Mandatory  5  5*
    *These modules are a combination of two x 5 credit modules undertaken by students in the School of Science.  In order to prepare students for progression this intensive module requires additional time.
     2/3  Classical European Cuisine   Mandatory  10  8
     Cost Identification and Control Mandatory  5  3
     Food Technology – Unit Operations Mandatory  10  7
     Food Chemistry Mandatory  5  4
     2/4  Seafood Processing and Culinary Practice  Mandatory  5  4
     Management and Organisational Behaviour* Mandatory  5  3
     Food Technology – Cereals, Fruit and Vegetables Mandatory  10  6
     Advanced Food Chemistry Mandatory  10  7
     *Includes 12-week summer work placement.      
     3/5  Classical and Contemporary Cuisine  Mandatory  10  6
     Food Technology – Meat and Milk Mandatory  10  6
     Food Microbiology Mandatory  10  7
     Semester Abroad*/Internship** Mandatory  30   
     *Semester Abroad is credit based.  The final GPA (Award Classification) is based on the 30 credits gained while undertaking the Stage 3 semester 5 at the School of Tourism.
    **Internship Module is credit based.  The module is assessed by a member of academic staff.  The employer’s assessment is on a pass/fail basis.
    Upon completion of this programme, graduates will be awarded a Bachelor of Science in Culinary Science – Food Technology. 
    Each graduate will have an opportunity to progress to an existing add-on level 8 programme, BSc (Hons) Culinary Arts and Food Technology and similar programmes elsewhere in Higher Education.
    Career Opportunities
    This course will provide huge opportunity for the graduates as they will have the skill set to work in new product development or innovation in either large existing food companies or in entrepreneurial situations.
    How to Apply
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
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