• » Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Culinary Arts

    Programme Title  Bachelor of Arts (Hons) in Culinary Arts
    CAO Code  
    LYIT internal code  LY_GCART_B
    Duration  1 Year Add-on
    Standard Code Places:  32
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this Course for You?  
    This 1 year add-on programme extends the education and training of the professional food production manager, providing an academic focus through applied culinary research while extending expertise in either savoury or pastry professional practice.  Modules on Food Product Development and Food Regulatory Affairs ensure that graduates are ideally placed to take on leadership roles in culinary business management.
    Minimum Entry Requirements
    Access to this programme is on successful completion of the BA in Culinary Arts or equivalent.
    What will I study?
    Learners must complete 1 mandatory module and 2 elective modules in semester 1. In semester 2 they are required to complete 3 mandatory modules.
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     4/7  Strategic Entrepreneurship and Global Trends in Culinary Innovation Mandatory  10  5
     Specialised Kitchen & Larder Elective 1  10  6
     Specialised Chocolate, Sugarcraft and Sugar Art  Elective 1  10  6
     Consumer Behaviour and Marketing Decisions Elective 2  10  5
     Managing People in Tourism Elective 2  10  5
     4/8  Artisan Food Products - Design & Development Mandatory  10  6
     Applied Research Project Mandatory  10  5
     Quality Assurance and Food Regulatory Affairs Mandatory  10  5
    Learning Outcomes
    Having completed this programme, the graduate will be able to:
    • Demonstrate and critically evaluate specialised artistic skills, knowledge and competencies, as appropriate for the holder of an honours degree in Culinary Arts.
    • Evaluate and analyse the choices concerning the visual, organoleptic, textural and nutritional qualities in the selection of commodities and culinary processes in producing and presenting food.
    • Recognise the role of gastronomy and appreciate the historical and contemporary influences on culinary arts.
    • Demonstrate an appropriate expertise in visual thinking skills and be able to communicate visual concepts effectively.
    • Demonstrate theoretical knowledge, practical skills, personal attribute and competencies that will be required for management positions in culinary enterprises.
    • Undertake research within the field of hospitality in general and the professional culinary environment in particular, including the ability to complete an extended research study.
    • Evaluate financial, legal, managerial and technical principles that relate to the culinary/hospitality industry.
    • Illustrate entrepreneurial flair in product or process design, and have confidence to explore new business opportunities.
    • Research and develop an innovative food product to standard recipe stage, to meet the needs of specifically identified markets.
    • Contribute to the strategic management of any hospitality organisation through the application of marketing skills or people management skills.
    Career Opportunities
    This programme provides the qualifications, knowledge and skills required to be successful in a variety of career opportunities. The programme recognises the diversity of Culinary Arts in the Hospitality and Food Service Industries and career paths open to graduates include: Culinary Arts/Restaurant Management, Chefs, Entrepreneurs (owners & managers, consultancy), Media, Teaching, Education, Research, Food Writing and Food Product Development.
    How to Apply
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
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