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    Programme Title  Certificate in Culinary Skills
    CAO Code  Not available through CAO
    LYIT internal code  LY_GCSKL_C
    Duration  1 Year
    Standard Code Places:  
    National Framework Level  6
    Award Type  Special Purpose
    Awarding Body  LYIT, with Delegated Authority from QQI
    Is this Programme for Me?
    This one year part-time programme combines college based education in culinary operations with work based learning in industry.  The primary focus of the programme is to prepare graduates for a variety of roles in food preparation in food retail outlets including delicatessens, gastro pubs, catering outlets and restaurants..
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    • Leaving Certificate requirements
      • MIN. FIVE O6/H7
    • Have obtained a full QQI Level 5 award in any discipline
    • For entry purposes RPL will be considered in accordance with the quality assurance procedures of LYIT.
    • Any applicant applying based on non EU awards/qualifications must apply directly to the International Office at LYIT.  In order to be considered for entry international applicants must present:
      • A qualification that is recognised as being equivalent to a Level 5 Irish qualification.
      • An IELTS qualification of 5.5 minimum.
    • Northern Ireland/UK Applicants click NI/UK
    • Mature Applicants
      Mature applicants may apply for this programme.  Such mature applicants, for entry into the programme, must be 23 years of age (or older) by the 1st of January in the proposed year of entry. Mature applicants do not need to hold a Leaving Certificate qualification, however, they may be called for interview..
    What will I have to study?
    PhaseProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours
     1/1  Culinary Fundamentals Mandatory  5  4
     Baking  Techniques Mandatory  10  8
     Learning  and Professional Development Mandatory  5  4
     1/2  Food and Beverage Studies Mandatory  5  4
     Garde-manger and Culinary Techniques  Mandatory  10  8
     ICT and Descriptive Statistics Mandatory  5  4
       Work Placement (400 hours) Mandatory  20  
    Modules will be examined by a combination of continuous assessments, assignments, practical exercises and final exams.
    Benefits of this programme
    On successful completion of this programme learners will have the ability to:
    • Describe the organisation, marketing, costing and control elements of running a professional kitchen
    • Apply scientific principles, technologies and systems to operating a professional kitchen
    • Manage the implementation of food control, food cost, portion and quality control in a professional kitchen
    • Demonstrate a wide range of precision technical culinary skills to produce a variety of classical and contemporary dishes
    • Apply and adapt nutritional knowledge to creative food production and menu planning
    • Analyse appropriate styles of food and beverage service
    • Explain the role of gastronomy in the development of culinary arts
    • Operate computer software and systems relevant to the culinary arts
    • Evaluate a range of knowledge, skills and competence to design, organise, serve and evaluate a meal experience
    • Apply relevant provisions of legislation and regulation relevant to the hospitality business, including health and safety at work legislation, food safety legislation and the principles of Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP)
    • Identify key academic and independent learning skills appropriate to the hospitality industry.
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    On successful completion of this programme, learners will be able to apply for Direct Entry to Year 2 of the BA in Culinary Arts.
    When does the course commence?
    This course begins in January and September each year (subject to demand).
    How you I apply?
    This programme is fully funded through Springboard+.  To be eligible to participate on a part-time Springboard+ programme an applicant must be eligible.  Please refer to the eligibility criteria on the Springboard Website  http://springboardcourses.ie/eligibility
    Online application must be made through the Springboard Website 
    Information may be subject to change by agencies other than LYIT.
    LYIT reserves the right to change information provided at any time