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     Programme Title  Master of Arts in Learning and Teaching
     CAO Code  Add-on programme. Not available via CAO
     LYIT internal code  
     Duration  2 Years Part-time
     Standard Code Places:  20
     National Framework Level  9
     Award Type  Major
     Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this course for you?
    This level 9 programme is designed to support the development of learning and teaching within third level, further education, post primary and primary sectors. The suite of offerings provide academics with the opportunity to develop their professional practice. The modules explore the link between effective teaching and reflective practice, providing learners with the scope to critically analyse their own teaching practice. The programme offer a variety of pathways for students from the study of a single certificate to completion of the full Masters in Learning and Teaching.
    A key aspect of the programme is the relationship between effective teaching and reflective practice; the imperative to reflect not only on what we should teach, but how effectively we teach. In every module critical reflective practice, based on evidence rather than anecdote, is required and used as the basis for self-evaluation and self-improvement. The collection and analysis of evidence will therefore be a prominent feature of the programme as a whole.
    The programme promotes a student centred approach to learning and teaching. It supports professional development, providing an opportunity to develop skills through practically focused modules. The programme reflects the growing understanding of the central role of assessment and evaluation in learning and teaching and the importance of academic writing and research at every stage of education. Students will have the opportunity to work collaboratively across disciplines with practitioners from all levels within education. In this way the programme provides a unique opportunity for educators across the North West/West to deepen their understanding of learning and teaching across different stages of education. Key features include:
    • Focused on developing professional practice in learning and teaching
    • Leading national and international best practice speakers
    • Blended learning delivery
    • Work based learning and research in all modules
    • Block delivery over 2 years at weekends
    • Assessment is assignment based
    • Links theory to practice
    Masters in Arts Learning and Teaching Brochure
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    Entry requirements are a Level 8 Degree, minimum of Second Class Honours, Grade 2 or equivalent. LYIT operates a Recognition of Prior Experiential Learning (RPL) scheme where applicants may be considered based on relevant work and other experience, for exemptions from programme modules and advanced entry. Throughout this programme, critical reflection on learning and teaching practices is an integral part of an evidence based approach to teacher development; therefore, applicants should be currently involved in an active teaching role.
    What will I study?
    Year/SemesterProposed ModulesMandatory/
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Student Centred Learning and Teaching
     Mandatory  10  2 Friday Evenings & 2 Saturdays
     Academic Writing in Research  Mandatory  5  1 Friday Evening & 1 Saturday
     1/2  Assessment  Mandatory  10  2 Friday Evenings & 2 Saturdays
     2/3  Enhancing Learning and Teaching through Creativity and Scholarship
     Mandatory  10  2 Friday Evenings & 2 Saturdays
     2/4  Research Methods
     Mandatory  15  2 Friday Evenings & 3 Saturdays
     Elective module*  Mandatory  10  2 Friday Evening & 2 Saturday
     2/5  Research Project  Mandatory  30  
    *In Semester 4 students opt for an elective module (which are subject to demand). The elective choices are:
    • Technology Enhanced Learning
    • Inclusive Curriculum
    • Educational Leadership Management
    • Effective Supervision
    • Restorative Practice: A Transformative Approach to
    • Teaching and Learning
    • Recognition of Prior Learning
    Learning Outcomes
    On successful completion of the MA in Learning & Teaching, the learner will be able to:
    1. Critically analyse and evaluate the key features and structures of relevant academic texts relating to strategies, theories and models of effective learning, teaching and assessment.
    2. Evaluate and integrate theory, research and practice, to enhance student-centred learning and teaching.
    3. Compare and contrast effective teaching skills and strategies used by self and others, sharing ideas concerning this with peers and other colleagues via mentoring, peer review, critical review and self- reflection.
    4. Engage in independent learning and communicate effectively.
    5. Demonstrate creativity, and where relevant, originality, through practitioner based research/critical reflective practice. 
    6. Plan and carry out complex research projects in specific curricular areas of teaching including dissertation/research papers.
    7. Prioritise, analyse and interpret main research sources and findings relevant to the field of study in the context of a research dissertation.
    Follow-on courses
    Progression on this programme will comply with the National Qualifications Framework. It is intended that the programme will develop and hone specialist knowledge.  On successful completion of this programme candidates may be eligible to progress to level 10 programmes, such as the professional doctorate programmes at Queens University Belfast, Trinity College Dublin, the National University Maynooth.
    The programme fee is €5,000 payable in two instalments.  The first instalment of €2,500 is due on commencement while the second instalment is due at the beginning of year 2.
    This course will start in February 2018.
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