• » Higher Certificate in Science (Pharmacy Technician)

    Programme Title  Higher Certificate in Science (Pharmacy Technician)
    CAO Code  LY806
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  2 years
    Standard Code Places:  16
    National Framework Level  6
    Mature Applicant Places  2
    Foundation Places  1
    FETAC Places:  1
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    A pharmacy technician can be defined as someone who, under the supervision of the pharmacist, assists in the various activities of the pharmacy, not requiring the professional judgement of the pharmacist. This new two year Higher Certificate in Science (Pharmacy Technician) aims to provide the professional, managerial and technical knowledge required for pharmacy technicians to take up roles up to senior level in hospital pharmacies, and to support the extended roles now becoming available in community pharmacies. Also the course will provide graduates with the opportunity to take up technical roles within the ever expanding pharmaceutical industry.
    Progression opportunities
    A partnership between the Department of Science at LYIT with the Faculty of Life and Health Sciences at Ulster University (UU) offers students an opportunity to progress their studies from the Higher Certificate (HC) in Science (Pharmacy Technician) at LYIT, to the Masters of Pharmacy programme at UU.  Graduates of the Higher Certificate in Science Pharmacy Technician at LYIT, who have met the minimum Ulster University entry requirements of 65% in all Science based modules in each year of the programme, will automatically gain entry to the four year Master of Pharmacy programme at UU.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    • Min. Five O6/H7, one of which must be a laboratory based science subject (Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Physics and Chemistry, Agricultural Science).
    • English or Irish O6/H7
    • Maths F2/O6/H7
      QQI (FET)/CAS
    • Have obtained any FETAC Level 5 award
    Northern Ireland/UK Applicants click NI/UK
    Garda Clearance
    Offers of places on this programme are subject to Garda Clearance. The Institute will apply a similar process to that of other programmes requiring Garda Clearance.  If the Gardaí raise an issue it will have to be addressed satisfactorily.  If it is not, you will not be able to go on placement or fulfil your course requirements, in which case you may be asked to leave the course. Since Applicants will be unable to go on placement or complete the course requirements until vetting is satisfactorily completed, Registration is temporary until such time.  Please note, non EU candidates will only be considered for this programme if there are still places remaining after all EU candidates have first been considered.
    What will I have to study?
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     1/1  Chemistry Mandatory  5  7
     Biological Science Mandatory  5  7
     Pharmacy Practice 1 and Dispensary Computers Mandatory  10  12
      Work Placement 1 – Theory Mandatory  -   1
     Pharmacy Work Placement 1 – Practical Mandatory  10  30 per week
    (6 weeks) 
     1/2  Organic and Applied Chemistry Mandatory  5  7
     Pharmacology Mandatory  5  6
     Pharmacy Practice 2 Mandatory  10  10
     Work Placements 1 – Theory Mandatory  -  1
     Pharmacy Work Placement 1 – Practical Mandatory  10  30 per week
    (6 weeks)
     2/3  Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Formulation Mandatory  5  6
     Applied Physiology Mandatory  10  10
     Calculations and Extemporaneous Preparations Mandatory  5  6
     Work Placements 1 – Theory Mandatory  -  1
     Pharmacy Work Placement 1 – Practical Mandatory  10  30 per week
    (6 weeks)
     2/4  Drugs Action & Usage Mandatory  10  10
     Pharmacy Business and IT Mandatory  10  10
     Pharmacy Work Placement 4 – Practical Mandatory  10  30 per week
    (6 weeks)
    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this programme, the graduate will be able to:
    • Demonstrate an understanding of pharmacy administration
    • Understand the mechanisms involved in drug interactions and drug side-effects
    • Communicate effectively and competently with pharmacy customers
    • Know how biochemistry and microbiology are related to pharmacy practice
    • Understand the legal requirements and health and Safety and environmental issues when working in a pharmacy
    • Understand the relationship between drug quality, expiration dating and analysis
    Work Placement
    The work placement modules are an integral part of the course. The aim of the placement is to provide learners with an opportunity to gain skills, experience and competence in both community and hospital pharmacies.In each semester learners will spend six weeks in practice. Please note that with respect to the placement students can be placed in either a community or hospital pharmacy anywhere in the country. While the institute will make every effort to assist the learner in finding a placement final responsibility for securing the placement resides with the learner. Travel and accommodation are the responsibility of the learner
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    At present pharmacy technicians with a level 6 qualification may apply for positions within the HSE as pharmacy technicians. They may also apply to work as pharmacy technicians in community pharmacies. The programme may open opportunities for graduates to apply to MPharm programmes in the UK via UCAS. Students who successfully complete the Pharmacy Technician programme at Letterkenny Institute of Technology will be guaranteed an interview for admission to year 1 of the University of Brighton Master of Pharmacy (MPharm) programme when they apply via UCAS.
    Fees and Support
    Further information on fees and support can be found at www.studentfinance.ie
    Career Opportunities
    Currently, and for the foreseeable future, employment prospects for pharmacy technicians are good as graduates will find employment in both community-based pharmacies and the public and private hospital sectors. They can also expect to find employment in the pharmaceutical industry.
    • Contact: Dr. Joanne Gallagher, Head of Department of Science, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
    • E- Mail: joanne.gallagher@lyit.ie
    • Telephone: (074) 918 6302