• » Bachelor of Science Honours in Bioanalytical Science

    Programme Title  Bachelor of Science Honours in Bioanalytical Science
    CAO Code  
    LYIT internal code  LY_SBIOA_B
    Duration  1 Year, post level 7 degree
    Standard Code Places:  18
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    This programme is designed to meet the demand for reliable bioanalysts in the areas of analytical science, molecular biology, biotechnology, immunology and in the pharmaceutical industry. The programme builds on the knowledge gained by students in the Level 7 B.Sc. in , Bioscience and B.Sc. in Analytical and Forensic Science, or its equivalents. It may be completed in one academic year (two semesters) or on a part-time basis. The programme aims to broaden the extent, scope and depth of the student's knowledge.
    The B.Sc. in Bioanalytical Science provides a clear knowledge of the underlying concepts behind modern bioanalytical techniques and experience in application of these techniques in the areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, and related industries and in environmental analysis . Graduates are provided with technical competence in analytical biochemical, genetic, immunological and microbiologically-based analytical methodologies and the skills and knowledge required to work in the biotechnology, and pharmaceutical industries as well as in state scientific agencies. It also provides the necessary skills for those students who wish to pursue further post-graduate studies or research.
    The programme covers areas such as Molecular Biology, Analytical Science Biopharmaceutical Processes and Protein Chemistry. Other modules include Management Theory and Practice  and Research Project Design. The students carry out an extensive research project during the course, develop essential practical research skills, and strengthen the presentation and communication skills acquired in previous years.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    This is two semester, add-on, Honours Degree programme for students who have achieved a Level 7 B.Sc. in Bioscience or B.Sc. in Analytical and Forensic Science. Students who have successfully completed level 7 qualifications in other areas of Science with 180 ECTS credits and appropriate learning outcomes would also be considered for acceptance.
    What will I have to study?
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     4/7  Analytical Science Mandatory  10  6
     Research Project Design Mandatory  5  2
     Industrial Microbiology Elective  5  3
     Medicinal Chemistry Elective  5  3
     Molecular Biology Mandatory  10  7
     4/8  Protein Chemistry Mandatory  5  3
     Research Project Mandatory  10  2
     Biopharmaceutical Processes Mandatory  10  7
     Management Theory and Practice Mandatory  5  3
    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this programme the graduate will have:
    • Specific knowledge and understanding of specific theories, concepts and principles in biopharmaceutical processes, industrial microbiology, molecular biology and analytical science ;
    • Acquired the methods for generating, processing, interpreting and presenting information in the areas above;
    • The ability to identify, define and resolve complex problems through biopharmaceutical processes;
    • Acquired methods for generating, processing, interpreting and presenting information in the areas above;
    • An understanding of emerging technologies and the factors driving these developments;
    • The ability to analyse and evaluate information and based on that information be able to formulate and appraise solutions;
    • The skills required to carry out independent research and make decisions and justify those decisions in relation to the task;
    • The ability to recognise and apply best-practice across a range of legal and ethical areas as part of their decision making process;
    • The ability to plan and organise work and interact effectively as part of a team;
    • The ability to develop and formalise original ideas using a range of tools;
    • The ability to demonstrate specialist skills required for working in bioscience and biopharmaceutical industries;
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    This course has been recognized by the Teaching Council, in conjunction with the Level 7 B.Sc. in Bioscience as fulfilling the requirements for admission to the Register for Post Primary Teachers, for the purpose of teaching Biology in Secondary Schools.
    Graduates may pursue postgraduate studies by research at LYIT.
    Graduates from this programme may also pursue further studies to Masters level at other Universities in Ireland or abroad, or in some cases transfer to programmes leading to the award of a Doctoral Degree.
    Career Opportunities
    Graduates find employment in analysis, quality assurance, research and development, and in innovation and product development areas of biotechnology, pharmaceutical, food, and health care companies.
    Current forecasts about the future of the Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical Industries in Ireland are excellent. High-profile companies include Allergan, Pfizer Ireland, MSD, Genzyme Ireland, Norbrook Laboratories and Megazyme.
    Holders of the B.Sc. Honours degree can obtain more senior and responsible positions than holders of Level 7 qualifications. Graduates may also pursue postgraduate degrees in the science department at LYIT and in other third level institutions.
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
    • Contact: Dr. Joanne Gallagher, Head of Department of Science, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
    • E- Mail: joanne.gallagher@lyit.ie
    • Telephone: (074) 918 6302