• » Bachelor of Science Honours in Food Science & Nutrition

    Programme Title  Bachelor of Science Honours in Food Science & Nutrition
    CAO Code  
    LYIT internal code  LY_SFODN_B
    Duration  1 Year, post level 7 degree
    Standard Code Places:  18
    National Framework Level  8
    Award Type  Major
    Awarding Body  LYIT, under Delegated Authority from HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    The B.Sc. Honours in Food Science and Nutrition is designed to build on knowledge gained by students in a Level 7 B.Sc. in Food Science and Nutrition and to broaden the scope and depth of this knowledge. It may be completed in one academic year (2 semesters) or on a part-time basis (ACCS).
    The nutritional content, safety, and quality of food are issues that have an important effect on our lives and our health. The food industry in response has a constant demand for graduates in Food Science who have good scientific skills as well as knowledge and skills in nutrition, food safety, and food product development. The programme includes modules on Food Fermentation, Food Safety, Nutrition, Disease and Health Promotion, Food Processsing, and Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation The programme also contains a module on LEAN Technologies: Tools and Techniques  that is intended to equip the student with the basic skills required to develop their management potential within the food industry. The students carry out an extensive research project during the course, develop essential practical research skills, and strengthen the presentation and communication skills acquired in previous years.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    This is two semester, add-on, Honours Degree programme for students who have achieved a Level 7 B.Sc. in Food Science and Nutrition. Students who have completed an equivalent programme at Level 7 with appropriate learning outcomes would also be considered for acceptance.
    What will I have to study?
    No of creditsClass hours per week
     4/7  Food Safety Mandatory  5  4
     Food Fermentation Mandatory  10  6
     Research Project Design Mandatory  5  2
     Food Product Development and Sensory Evaluation Mandatory  10  6
     4/8  Food Processing Mandatory  5  4
     LEAN Technologies: Tools and Techniques Mandatory  5  4
     Research Project Mandatory  10  2
     Nutrition, Disease and Health Promotion Mandatory  10  6
    Learning Outcomes
    On completion of this programme the graduate will have:
    • Specific knowledge and in depth understanding of the theories, paradigms, defining concepts and underlying principles of food production and processing, new product development, factors governing food safety, food safety management systems including HACCP, lean technologies and human nutrition;
    • The ability to identify, define and resolve complex problems in food technology and food product development;
    • The ability to analyse and evaluate information and based on that information be able to formulate and appraise solutions;
    • The skills required to carry out independent research and make decisions and justify those decisions in relation to the task;
    • The ability to recognise and apply best-practice across a range of legal and ethical areas as part of their decision making process;
    • The ability to plan and organise work and interact effectively as part of a team;
    • The ability to develop and formalise original ideas using a range of tools;
    • The skills to discuss scientific issues in the area of food science and nutrition and related areas in a social, economic and cultural context;
    • Acquired the skills to demonstrate an awareness of current issues of concern to society and an appreciation of the ethical issues involved in the areas of food safety, food production, nutritional assessment and requirements and health promotion
    Are there follow-up Programmes Available?
    Graduates may pursue postgraduate studies by research at LYIT.
    Graduates from this programme may also pursue further studies to Masters level at other Universities in Ireland or abroad, or in some cases transfer to programmes leading to the award of a Doctoral Degree. This programme will increase the choice of career options to include post-graduate degrees in areas such as Health Promotion and Nutrition. Acceptance on any programme is at the discretion of the college to which the candidate applies
    Career Opportunities
    Ireland has a proud tradition as a producer and exporter of quality foods e.g. dairy products, meat, fish, etc.
    The food industry is responding to advances in nutritional knowledge and technology by developing a new generation of convenience foods with an emphasis on added value and safety. Such developments have created a demand for young well qualified graduates in food science to join the wide variety of companies in Ireland and abroad who regularly recruit to areas such as production, quality assurance, product development, food safety, etc. Food Science and Nutrition graduates are able to pursue successful careers in the food industry, and also in government departments concerned with food production and food safety. Previous graduates have found employment with Kerry group, Errigal Seafood, Marine Harvest Ireland, Liffey Meats and Nature’s Best.
    This course begins in September each year. How to Apply
    • Contact: Dr. Joanne Gallagher, Head of Department of Science, Letterkenny Institute of Technology
    • E- Mail: joanne.gallagher@lyit.ie
    • Telephone: (074) 918 6302