LYIT and ERNACT to work together to increase innovation and research levels in the North West cross border area

Ernact MOU_May17LYIT and ERNACT (www.ernact.eu) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) to encourage cooperation between LYIT research and lecturing staff and the organisations across Europe that are members of the ERNACT network of regions. This cooperation will mainly be in the field of digital technology.

ERNACT is a cross border partnership led by Derry City and Strabane and Donegal Councils and ERNACT Chairperson, Councillor Niamh Kennedy, was of the view that the “signing of the MOU would strengthen research cooperation right across the North West cross border area”.

Furthermore, LYIT President, Paul Hannigan, stated that “the LYIT is responding to the need to increase the level of digital innovation and research taking place in Donegal and the North West and continue on-going cross border cooperation between LYIT CoLab and Catalyst in Derry and Strabane. Cooperation through ERNACT will help us to extend our research and technology transfer links to a wider European network of regions and universities”.

The scope of the cooperation envisaged includes:

  • Cooperate to assist the development of digital innovation strategies and initiatives in the North West Ireland cross border zone.
  • Facilitate digital agenda cooperation between LYIT/ERNACT and Donegal County and Derry City and Strabane District councils.
  • Catalyse information exchange and cooperation between ERNACT network partners and the third-level sector in the ERNACT regions.

According to Colm Mc Colgan, General Manager at ERNACT, “there was increasing demand across Europe and the ERNACT regions to improve the involvement of the 3rd level in regional innovation strategies”.

Tue, 06 Jun 2017 14:47:00 BST


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