LYIT - the first Irish Higher Education Institution to host the prestigious EurOMA Summer School

EurOMA Summer School_Jun17_1LYIT hosted delegates from 13 countries at the recent 8th European Operations Management Association (EurOMA) Summer School.  This was the first time that an Irish college or university hosted this prestigious research event and the international perspective of this conference provided LYIT with a fantastic opportunity to promote the Institute and the region.

The EurOMA Summer School ran from 25 to 29 June and the main theme of the event was ‘Achieving Competitive Advantage through Operations’.  Each day of the summer school focussed on specific areas including: sustainability; supply chain management; integration; strategy; EurOMA Summer School_Jun17_2and global operations.  

‌Dr George Onofrei, Lecturer in Operations and Supply Chain at LYIT, led the bid to host this event at LYIT and was delighted to have successfully secured the summer school.  Dr Onofrei commented, “This event was a unique learning experience for delegates who have an interest in empirical research at both the operations and supply chain level.  The interaction with faculty members helped participants define relevant research topics and gave them an opportunity to network, not only with their peers, but with leading researchers in the operations and supply chain management community.  We faced EurOMA Summer School_Jun17_3strong competition from other higher education institutions to host the EurOMA Summer School and we were delighted to host the school at the LYIT campus.”

‌Paul Hannigan, LYIT President, added, “Hosting events such as the EurOMA Summer School is a fantastic international collaborative event that promotes the Institute to higher education institutions throughout the world.  LYIT secured the bid to host this event and this provided the Institute with amazing networking opportunities.  We were delighted to welcome the delegates to the campus and to the Northwest, and we hope that this will be the first of many visits by the EurOMA Summer School_Jun17_4association.”

A key motivation of this Summer School was to consider the perspective of operations and supply chain management, as playing an important role in improving operational productivity.  Dr Onofrei further added,‌ “Establishing a competitive advantage through operations requires an understanding of how managing operations and the supply chain contribute to productivity growth.  Forging connections with the EurOMA Summer School, on topics including sustainability, supply chain management and international global operations, will enable LYIT to better equip graduates with the knowledge required to support local companies in these areas.”

Click here for further information on the EurOMA Summer School.

Photo caption #1:
Pictured with delegates at the recent European Operations Management Association Summer School at LYIT were Dr George Onofrei, LYIT Lecturer (middle row, second from right), and Prof Kasra Ferdows, Georgetown Washington University (middle row, right).  There was a truly international feel to the Summer School with 20 nationalities and 13 countries represented at the event.


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