Asia-Europe Roundtable

LYIT hosts international conflict management conference.

The 6th Asia-Europe Roundtable on “Asia & Europe Can Show the Way for Effective Conflict Management” took place in Letterkenny and Derry on 10 – 12 June 2009.  Over 35 experts and high profile delegates from Asia and Europe were given a warm welcome at a busy LYIT campus, which also played host to the Special Olympics athletes.  This was the first time LYIT, in association with the University of Ulster, hosted the conference which by all accounts was a great success.

The cross-border event which took place over three days at LYIT and University of Ulster at Magee focussed in particular on “frozen conflicts” - cases where the cessation of open hostility offers a chance for the regional and international community to look into possible political solutions and a framework for sustainable peace. 

Nobel Laureate John Hume, Deputy First Minister Martin McGuinness, and Tánaiste Mary Coughlan attended.

Tánaiste Mary Coughlan said that the subject of the conference was very close to our hearts in Ireland, emphasizing, “… in Donegal where history and the complicated politics of our island transformed our county border into a demarcation of jurisdiction.”

She went on to pay tribute to the role of women in peacemaking and peace building, “… we must do more to increase women’s leadership and participation … no matter the complexities, the obstacles or the seeming conundrums, we must be guided and sustained by our duty of hope.  This is the duty of every citizen of the world when faced with violence and conflict.”

Paul Hannigan, President, speaking about the importance of hosting the conference in Ireland said, “It is gratifying that we’re now in a position to reflect and pass on what we’ve learned in Ireland.  This is the ‘new reality’ in this part of the world, one of collaboration to work together for the good of societies, North and South.  The delegates can see firsthand what has been achieved here.  Once again we’re pleased to work closely with the University of Ulster to bring such a prestigious and worthwhile event to the North West.”

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