Baitsiléir Eolaíochta i gCúram, Sláinte agus Oideachas Luath-óige (Páirtaimseartha)

    Programme Title  Early Childhood Care, Health and Education
    CAO Code  Not available through CAO
    LYIT internal code  
    Duration  Part-time
    Standard Code Places:  
    National Framework Level  
    Award Type  Minor
    Awarding Body  HETAC
    Is this Programme for Me?
    This programme is designed for those working in the area of Early Years Health, Care and Education. It provides a pathway where-by those currently employed in the area may undertake a part time degree whilst simultaneously utilising their day to day work as part of the course. Designed to enhance the existing experience of the student, the programme will provide the opportunity to develop competence in a range of theoretical and practical skills related to the area of early years’ education.
    Minimum Academic Entry Requirements
    Academic requirements:
    Full FETAC Level 6 Award in Early Childhood Care & Education (6M2007)
    A full Level 6 Major award is made of eight modules.
    A Major FETAC level 6 or HETAC level 6/7 award where a significant element of the course pertains to early childhood studies
    Professional experience:
    Each applicant must have the equivalent of 2 years full time experience in a Health Services Executive approved early childhood setting or a Department of Education notified service.
    Additional entry criteria:
     The ability to complete Professional Placement in a HSE/DES notified service (approx. 300 hours per academic year) for the duration of the programme.
     Gain the support of their current employer to utilise employment as a practice learning environment and to provide mentor support during the programme and secure Garda Vetting. 
    How will the course operate?
    Students will undertake the part-time degree over 6 semesters for 3 years.  Students may take up to 2 modules per semester with examinations/assessments in January and May each year.  Course material for modules will be accessible online.  Course work and examinations will have to be completed for various modules.  Running in parallel to the theoretical part of the programme, students will be tasked with presenting a portfolio of work on various aspects of their practical work in their particular workplace setting.  LYIT reserve the right to determine suitability of placement and students may be required to undertake specialist placements outside their normal working environment. 
    What will I study
    No of credits
     1  Creativity in the Early Years  Mandatory  5
     Curriculum Pedagogy and Assessment  Mandatory  10
     Child Health and Disability  Mandatory  10 
     Children and Families Support    Mandatory  5
     Placement 1  Mandatory  30
     2  Culture and Contemporary Issues  Mandatory  5
     Communications in the Early Years  Mandatory  10
     Research Processes and Methods  Mandatory  5
     Developmental Psychology  Mandatory  10
     Placement 2  Mandatory  30
    *Once students successfully completed level 7 they are eligible to progress and complete the level 8 (B.Sc Hons.) programme part time over two years i.e 8 modules in total.
    Workshop Dates Level 7:
    Students will attend class at LYIT on:
    Workshop 1:‘Culture and Contemporary Issues’ 
    October 2017, Friday 6th 9.30am — 6.30 pm & Saturday 7th 10.00 am — 5.00 pm 
    Workshop2: ‘Creativity in the Early Years’ 
    November 2017, Friday 10th 9.30am — 6.30 pm & Saturday 11th, 10 am-5.00 pm 
    Workshop-Placement: December 2017, Friday 1st  1.30-5.30pm 
    (These dates and times are proposed and may be subject to changes)
    Course Fee:
     A payment plan is available.

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