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Life as a third-level student brings a wealth of new experiences – the freedom and independence of living away from home, taking responsibility for your own studies, making new friends, and learning new subjects.  There are a variety of services and facilities at LYIT to help you make that exciting yet challenging transition from secondary school pupil to third-level student. 

Your Student Induction and Registration process will show you how to use key facilities such as the library.  Learning research skills and independent study techniques is key to your success as a student.  Library staff and your lecturers are always on hand to help. 

The Students’ Union (SU) is your voice at college.  You, the students, elect your SU representatives each year and they organise events, clubs and societies on campus.  They also have a place on the Governing Body of the college and on the Academic Council, through which they can bring attention to student issues and concerns.  We strongly encourage you to get actively involved in your SU.

As an LYIT student you must uphold the good name of the college both on campus and in the community.  Your Student Handbook includes the Student Charter, which outlines your rights and responsibilities as a student and disciplinary procedures.

Please have a look at the other Gateways on this website for more information on life at LYIT.


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